I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


22. Surpirse It's Official

Michael p.o.v

We were minutes away from going on and yeah we were all kind of nervous plus it is the last show so that's a big deal but Luke was acting a little more nervous than usually like more than just the show something was bothering him but I didn't even have time to ask anyways we quickly gave the girl hugs and kisses and they said good luck I know this might sound weird and I don't know why this came across my mind but wen Ashton and Elissia kiss like every time no matter what it is so dramatic like out of a movie it is just weird I don't know but then it was time to go on stage and we all got excited and nervous too

We played a couple songs which were teenage dirtbag and beside you had a quick are you having a good time and two more songs I miss you and green light then we had a talk with the fans for a few minutes coming up soon and one more song which will be try hard then we are done

Luke p.o.v

We have another 30 seconds of this song then my surprise comes I got so scared I almost stopped playing but held it together

"HOW YOU GUYS DOING"I said excitedly to the crowd

"We want to thank you all for coming tonight this is the last show and we are making it as epic as possible"Ashton semi yelled

"We love you all and wouldn't be here with out you guys"Michael said

"Ok sorry boys we have another minute or so but I have a little surprise now no one knows about this I wanted it to be a complete surprise for everyone though it really only effects one person now scream if you know our friends well some of them date the other boys Elissia Taylor Amber Jeannie you know them right"I asked looking over at the girls who were smiling

*Most fans scream*

"Good know some fans which this isn't a bad thing im not mad its okay but some fans well people in the 5sosfam think I am with Elissia and no she is my best friend she is still dating Ashton and they are fine no one is mad or anything"I paused

"...However there is another girl I quite like and you guys like her too yeah she is pretty cool and so uhm ok im scared guys I must admit this isn't something I would do but Jeannie"I paused again

I looked at Jeannie smiling and the girls about to cry

"So can we make us official because uhm"I paused and looked down smiling

I wasn't sure to say what I wanted but I didn't want to hold back

"Because I really love you"I said smiling

*fans scream*

I looked over at Jeannie with her hands over her heads crying and nodding meaning yes I waved her to come over as I put my guitar on my back

I hugged her tight because she was crying and moved her back and forth slowly burring my head into her

In that moment I felt weird but so good like I couldn't hear the screams as loud as they were it was like a soft roar in the background and everyone else was blurred but her and my body felt numb almost like I couldn't move or let her go and not thinking of where I am I kissed her then heard even louder screaming and Calum say in the microphone we have to start the song now Luke and we kinda need your vocals

I laughed and blushed and looked down it told Jeannie to wait for another song and I will be back soon

Harry p.o.v

Well uhm Im not going out with Jeannie any time so nevermind well I guess they are meant to be I can get in the way of them

"HELLO"Liam screamed

"Give to up for the Emos or 5 seconds of summer they put on a great show tonight as usually and also that guest appearance from Jeannie"I said clapping my hand to my wrist

*fans cheer*

"Ok let do this"Louis said pointing his hand up

I seen everyone else talking backstage why does this matter to me I don't even know her I probably am still just lonely since Niall and I are the only ones still single in the band

Luke p.o.v

I cant believe I did that not only did I just ask her out in front of hundreds of people but I kissed her for the first time in front of hundreds of people and told her I loved her in front of hundreds of people what did I just do I know there is no hiding our relationship now like we were going to anyways though

I ran to Jeannie when we got off stage and put our instruments up we did something like out of a movie we both ran to each other and she wrapped her legs around my waist then looked at Ashton he was making a keek

"ASHTON"Jeannie whined

"And Juke was born"Ashton said laughing and turning it off

Minutes later our phones blew up with tweet comments on the keek liked comments on our instagram gifs on tumblr it was everywhere

For what I read most people were happy some weren't but I kind of expected that mostly for the fans who have been there through our videos cause none of us had a girlfriend at any time and now all of the sudden we do so yeah its kind of a lot but they should be good when they are use to them really they will be with us all the time until the tour starts back then they probably will have to go back until we get another holiday

"I love you so much"Jeannie said still in a teary voice wrapping her arms armed me from behind placing her face on my back

"I love you too babe but please stop crying"I said turning around moving her hair from her face

"I am just so happy but yeah I probably look like a wreck with makeup down my face"Jeannie said

"You look beautiful"I smiled hugging her

I wasn't lying like most would think her make up was on her face but she never wiped her tears so it ran down her face like in a movie she also never made a sound when she cried so much like a movie so she was beautiful still


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