I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


1. Our Idols

Elissia p.o.v

 "OMG HAVE YOU SEEN LUKES NEW PICTURE"i shouted to Taylor and Amber
"I love 5sos but I really wish we could meet 1D like they are only 3 hours away"I said sadly as Taylor and Amber looked evily at each other
"Uhm like could you not  thats scary"I looked at them weirdly

"Ok Taylor have hands ready to hold her back..Elissia we are all going to the meet and greet"Amber said as calmly as possible
Suddenly Elissias eyes widened and she started to kick cry with excitment with Taylors hand over her mouth she couldn't really scream because she screams really loud and after she calmed down she was still jumping  excitement
"How did you do this"I asked still crying
"My work is going to do a article on them and 1D gave them 3 free meet and greet passes and they gave them to me "Amber said
"Don't you quit that job"I said jokingly
"You guys realize its tomorrow right"Taylor stated
"And I don't think we should drive their and back we should get a hotel I mean we almost 18 in 2 years text your moms and see if its okay" Amber said ill ask my mom downstairs
"Well my mom said okay"I said happily
"Mine too yay"Taylor said excited
"Mine too this is it go home and girls we are leaving in a hour"Amber smiled
-1hour later-

Ambers p.o.v

Taylor came out of her house first and it looked like she packed her whole closet but it looks like I did too and then Elissia came and same with her close
"Well I booked the hotel room I got a suite so we wouldn't be in different rooms and there is a couch bed and two twins"I said I'm usually the one to do these type of business things
"Good I'd hate to be in different rooms"Elissia said
The whole drive was good we sang the whole way Taylor and I drove and we got to do some shopping around before it got dark so we just fell asleep in the hotel
-5 pm the next day- Taylors p.o.v
"Does this look okay or this or should I change or should I not were the shoes or should I were shorts or my skirt" Taylor was stressed
"Taylor don't wear uncomfortable stuff we might be there a long time in line but we only have a hour and half left so hurry"Amber said calming me down
"Okay lets go its 6:30 they open doors at 7 lets go"I demanded
"Ahhh im so excited"Elissia said
-2 hours later in line-  

Ambers p.o.v
"Im so happy we are here but this is taking forever its 9pm and probably another hour before we get up there"I said sad and a little angry
"I know but I mean this isn't a everyday thing its okay"Elissia said
Then all the sudden try hard came on and we all freaked and danced and sang
Ashtons p.o.v
Im so happy niall and liam requested they play try hard they are such good mates but not only did I hear it but this beautiful red head with bright blue eyes and perfect curls bouncing as she sang try hard with her two friends I want to go surprise them so I did but the boys didn't know as I crept up behind them not laughing or anything and talked in her ear but her friends could hear to
"I like this song too I play it all the time"I could tell they were on shock they knew my voice...that's a little weird but cute also
but before they turned around mike and calum ran to me to tell me listen whats on
"Uhm who are your friends ash"calum questioned
"I dont know you and mike came before I could ask"
"Oh sorry mate sorry ladies"mike apologized
Michaels p.o.v
I know ash was really wanting on us to go I think he liked the blue eyed one but the only one in the room I could focus on was the quiet one while the others were talking to us she just stood behind and didnt really say a word she is different thsn her friends
Calums p.o.v
I dont know about the other boys but all i know was I need the redish brown head in my life now
Ashtons p.o.v.
"Please dont scream like fangirls haha whats your names"i asked the girls  
"Well im taylor the the quiet one is amber and the one thats about to cry is elissia"
 Ahhh elissia odd name but I like it....mr and mrs ashton and elissia irwin sounds good..no Ashton you just met
"Aww haha"
With no hesitation I hugged her and she was so short aww but the right height for me to bury my face in her neck and she aloud her head to tilt on to mine
Calums p.o.v
"I guess they will be like that for a while how old are you all
"We are all 16"taylor answers fast
Yesss 16 perfect age
Lukes p.o.v
Ive looked for the boys forever and finally I seen ashton in the line hugging a girl a fan maybe but it was a good two minute hug and he doesnt hug fans like that he hugs people he likes lile that he must like her she finally lifted her head and she was beautiful she had to be mine so I ran down and gave the other girls a quick hug but then I got to elissia I think was her name and kissed her cheek ashton gave me a look but I looked blankly back at him
Mikes p.o.v
"So how long have you been in line"
"Two hours" amber responded
"Well this usually isnt allowed but just come back to gusbus then in a hour they will be done and you can meet them then"
"Uhm ok"they all agreed
Taylors p.o.v
The tension between ashton and luke was so strong you could feel it in the air but I seen ashton put his arm around elissia and give luke a dont touch her look The tension was so real

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