I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


14. Lukes Soul Mate?

Calum p.o.v

I could tell she wasn't like Taylor she is quieter and talks when spoken too I don't think Taylor would like this but she reminds me so much of Luke because her personality and music taste I'd like the set them up together but I was also still in shock just as much as Taylor but I was surprised when she asked if everyone else could come with her and Taylor to talk so she must have a fun hyper side like Luke so I texted Luke quickly saying I found him a girlfriend and be with Elissia when Taylor calls her

Taylors p.o.v

She reminded so much of Luke with everything she does I know Michael Calum and Amber has to be thinking this too most people with sisters wouldn't set their sister up with one of their bestfriends but I really want to set them up together

"So uhm I guess i'll introduce you to these people this is Amber she is one of my bestfriends and Elissia is also one of my betsfriends but she is with her boyfriend Ashton and Luke and that's Michael he is dating Amber and this is Calum he is dating me and Ashton Luke Michael and Calum are in a band called 5 Seconds of Summer and you remind me A LOT of Luke oh and that's Logan our brother he doesn't live here anymore and he has a girlfriend"I explained to Jeannie

"Does Luke not have a girlfriend and I know who they are I mean I've heard of them I like their song try hard but I listen to different music also like Nirvana and Green Day"Jeannie spoke soft

Like on scene Calum Michael Amber and I said Luke

"ok so I think I am really like this Luke person"Tamera laughed

"Haha yeah and no Luke had a girlfriend she was Amber older sister but she is horrible so they broke up but he doesn't really care and he is still looking HINT HINT"I laughed

"ok I got it haha Trisha told me you and Amber are leaving tonight why"Jeannie asked

"Oh well 5sos is on a vacation for a week maybe 2 if Luke asks on time like he said he would then they have one more show with 1D which if we can get in we will go with them but then they will stay in LA for months writing with people for a album and we won't be able to see then cause school"I explained

"Really only school none of your parents would care if you left with them for months"Jeannie asked meaning all the girls

"No not really I mean we just left yesterday they didn't even know until that morning like a hour before we left and they all said ok they didn't ask or anything"Amber said

"So uhm like when did you think or find out you were adopted"I asked

"Well I only had one friend from kindergarden until 9th grade but she moved  so I have no friends but in 8th grade she came over and she said you know you don't look anything like either of you parents and in 6th grade I use to see htat but I just forgot about it so but it kept coming back to me for two years but finally someone else seen it too so I asked later that year and they told everything and I asked if I could meet my real parents one day and she said maybe and another year passed but in that year my mom lost her job so we didn't have the money to travel hours away and then she got a better job over a half a year ago when I well we turned 16 and she said for my late 16th birthday present I could meet you guys and here we are"Jeannie said

"Why didn't your "mom and dad" come"I asked..it felt weird saying her parents cause we actually have to same parents

"Well with both their jobs they travel but we said our goodbyes and they were in a rush but its ok im use to it by now"Tamera smiled

"Ok..OH I have to call Elissia"I remembered

"Uhm before you call do you think I could maybe go with you guys for the next week or two or would Trisha be mad"Jeannie asked quietly

"No she wouldn't care at all plus you're MY twin so of course you can come"I said excited

*ring ring*

"TAYLOR what happened"a excited Elissia answered

"Oh nothing out of the usually just my mom introduced me to my TWIN that was adopted for money issues when we were born but she is here now"I screamed

"OH MY GOD TWO TAYLORS AHHH"Elissia screamed

Yeah Elissia was very excited

"YEAH well no her name is Jeannie and she is different..but in a good way just well she is just like Luke in every way"I said looking at Jeannie smiling

"You know what that means"Elissia laughed in a evil way

"Oh yeah already talked about it"I said


"You do realize im right here and I want to meet this chick ask her to come back with Taylor I need someone too"Lukes voice said in the background

"Ok ill ask Luke Taylor put the phone on speaker I want to ask Jeannie something"Elissia asked me to do and I did

"Ok go"I said

"Jeannie Luke said he wants you to come with Taylor back so he can meet you I think his exact words were I need someone too"Elissia laughed


"AWHHH Lukes blushing you have to come now Jeannie"Elissia begged

Jeannie was silence but blushing too awhh they haven't even met each other and they like each other

"Well she is blushing too but she already asked to come before we called you anyways"I told Elissia

"YAYYYY"Elissia screamed

Elissia likes new people especially when they are mine or Ambers friends plus she is always so hyper which makes people like her most the time but how could they be blushing they never met would this be Lukes soul mate


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