I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


5. Lukes Dating Who?!

-3 months later-

Ambers p.o.v

"I know I cant believe we get to see them in a month Im so excited ive missed them so much we all grew so close to each other really fast"Taylor said

"I know it was really not fun but like exciting every second we were with them from when we met them to when we left them im not around that a lot cause I have a bit of a boring job writing all the time but I love it"I said

"yeah your job is reason we met them though so yeah you cant really say that now"Elissia pointed out

"yeah that's true too"I said

*knock knock*

"what was that"Taylor asked

"hold on someone is knocking on the door I have to put the phone down for a sec"I said

"okay"Elissia said

"Aye its my sister ill call you guys back later"I said

"ok bye"Elissia and Taylor said

"Hey Areea"i said excite

"Hey baby sister oh my god I cant believe how dull America is to the other compared to the other counties ive been to but I guess its still okay"Areea said

yepp if you haven't guessed it my sister is a snob with millions of dollars as a model who hasn't been home only in the big cities in america in five years cause of jobs she is my half sister we don't have the same dad and she has been a model for 5 years I know im suppose to be like this isn't her but I don't remember any different she started modeling at 13 she is now 18 and before she did pagents so she has been like this her whole life and ofcourse she is beautiful to all guys and girl in the world she has light brown/dark blonde hair and really green eyes and is pretty tall I guess she is 5'9 I mean she is to me im only 5'3 and sadly I feel bad for anyone who is her friend or dates her

"Amber why is my boyfriend and his band mates on your walls in your room that's weird"Areea asked

"WHAT what do you mean your boyfriend which one is your boyfriend cause me elissia and taylor met them and got really close to them like 3 months ago"

"that one Luke Hemmings he said youre cute on a picture oh mine and I messaged him and said you are too we've been talking for 2 months and he asked me out a month and a half into talking to him ive never met him yet and I don't really believe you met them do you have like proof"Areea explained

"well ill Skype ashton in a minutes I would Skype ASHTON IN A MINUTES Michael is busy but we are dating so is Taylor and Calum and Ashon and Elissia are like in love but he hasn't asked her out yet but he has a big surprise plan to aks her out "I said fast I talk fast when im nervous

"Hello friend"ashton answered

"hey drummer boy did you know Luke is dating Areea my sister"

"I knew he was dating a model remember I said he has been dating someone for like two months but didn't know she was your sister you don't have the same last names"ashton said curious to know more

"we have different dads Asht-hiiiii is Luke there"i was trying t talk to Ashton but Areea interuputed

"LUKE come here"Ashton yelled

""what oh hey its my girlfriend hey Areea why are you with Amber"Luke said shocked

"hey Luke she is my sister"Areea explained

"ok go please I needed to talk to ashton"I said tapping her shoulder

"hey don't touch me like that im famous youll mess up my clothes"Areea yelled

"oh ok well bye love you"Luke said

"love you 2 Amber im gone to lunch with mom bye"Areea

"love you bye"

"im to pretty to love anyone but Luke"Areea yelled walking out the door

"Ashton can you go somewhere away from everyone to talk ill message taylor and elissia while you do that"Amber said

"okay I don't want her to date Luke"Ashton said

"I don't either Ashton she is so mean like she wasn't even joking about what she said and she has always been like that since she was 3 years old"Amber complained

"is she coming with you and the girls in a month I hope not"Ashton asked

"yeah probably sadly I know he is just foucused on her beauty and not her personality"Amber said

"yeah hold on someone is coming on the bus..oh its just Michael"Ashton seen

"Michael!"i said excited

"yeah Michael your boyfriend"Ashton laughed

"can I talk to him ppleeeeasssse"I begged

"fine but we have to talk about this"Ashton said

"Michael I miss you"i said excited but sad

"I miss you too amber one more month though hey did you know Luke has a new girlfriend she is mean since I dyed my hair a really light blonde she said I look like a younger uglier George Washington I was sad"Michael said sadly

"see Ashton she is so mean to everyone we have to break them up or its going to effect the whole band"i said mad

"okay what did I miss"Michael said confused

"the girl he is dating is my sister you just missed her I said I love her cause she was going somewhere and she said im to pretty to love anyone but Luke and I don't want her to date him he can only see the beauty in her right now and he cant see she is so mean to everyone else cause she isn't mean to him but she will start to after a while and he will probably break up with her after a while but until then I don't know"Amber explained

"well why don't we record her when she says that stuff like when you guys get here she will probably say stuff and we record everything we can and show it to Luke after we have enough and she has said stuff to all of us I think he will get mad the most if she said anything about Elissia cause they have like a brother sister relationship now"michael explained his plan

"okay now that we have that under control I miss you a lot im excited to see you"amber said excited

"I know me too"Michael said

"ohhh Amber guess what"Ashton shouted

"what Ashton"

"Michael cried after you left"ashton said looking at Michael

"Ashton you weren't suppose to say anything about that"michael said blushing

"awh that's so cute"i said smiling

"ok now its awkward love you bye ill tell calum everything ok love you bye"

"love you too bye"

then Areea came home calling the band stuff so I decied to record it what I got was the are emo direction and weird

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