I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


13. Long Lost Twin

Taylor p.o.v

I woke up in my bed at 9 well should I say got up ive been up since 6 but im really glad after Ambers outburst dinner went really well last night but my mom has been acting weird all last night and this morning like nervous but excited too she has been cleaning since 6 this morning and cooking this big dinner to much for 4 people maybe she is just upset I'm leaving for another 5 days and possibly a few months if the girls and I can go to their last show then stay with them in L.A. but she seems to have more on her mind then that

"Mom"I called her name out while she was cooking as I was getting breakfast

"Yeah"she asked not even turning

"Are you okay"I asked hesitated to ask

"What do you mean"Mom asked in the nicest way possible

"You seem...nervous but excited too this morning and you're cleaning like crazy and cooking way to much food for 4 people you never usually do that"I stood up to stand next to her

"Well Taylor if you must know we are having a very..erm...special guest coming over today before you leave"She looked right at me before turning back to her food cooking

I instantly got more excited but confused too my family doesn't many people unless it's my friends and their family or Logans friends and their family

"Ok but who is it do I know them"I asked

"No you don't know them Taylor now can you go get ready and get your brother and Calum to get up and get dressed Logan stayed here last night his girlfriend went home so hurry they will be here in a hour and a half"Mom demanded

"Can I at least know their name or age or something"I asked like a typical teenager

"Uhg fine her name is Jeannie and she is 16 ok now go get ready please"Mom demanded again

"O..k"I said confused

Who would my mom know that's 16 and why would she invite them over if she is trying to make me have more friends I refuse all I need is Elissia and Amber...maybe its someone she knows daughter or something but she doesn't know anyone and if she wont tell me I know my dad wont

"LOGAN get up mom said we have a guest coming over in hour and a half"I said from his door

Usually Logan will lay there in bed for another hour then hurry to get ready but he got up as soon as I told him to and he was very excited and nice to me he must know too is it leave Taylor out of every family conversation day don't tell me Calum knows too

"Calum wake up"I left myself in the guest bedroom where he slept and crawled up beside him and sat on my knees

"Ughhhh"Calum slighty yelled in his pillow

"Please also I need to ask you something"I leaded down kissing the back of his neck

"Alright what do you need to ask me"Calum asked sitting up against the wall and his pillow

"Has my mom told you about someone coming over today"I asked

"Uhm no but when did she say this to you"Calum was confused

"Well she acted weird last night when we got home and this morning she is like nervous but excited too so I asked and she said she is a special guest she is 16 and her name is Jeannie but she wouldn't completely tell me who it was or why she was coming over or anything then I got Logan up cause his girlfriend went home but he stayed her and he usually stays in bed like a another hour after you wake him but he got up excited too so I think he knows so im really confused"i explained him everything I know

"Well I don't know babe maybe we just have to wait and see what happens when she gets here"Calum got out of bed to go get ready

"You know your not helping I need to know like now"I said picking put my phone still laying in Calums bed

"I love you"Calum said innocently

"Yeah ok"I nodded squinting my eyes to him

"Oh ok I don't love you then"He joked

"Im kidding I love you too babe"I smiled at him making him smile back before closing the bathroom door

Well I have a hour and a half might as well get on twitter so I tweeted I think Calum enjoys making me mad then I read threw some tweets others I skipped cause hate doesn't really get to me unless I read it cause I get not everyone will like me anyways so I just look past it there is no reason for me to torture myself by the time I was done reading and creeping on people 30 minutes passed and I had a hour left so I did light make up and wore a beanie so I didn't have to really do my hair and 20 more minutes passed and Calum was done too so we had about 40 more minutes to do nothing but wait so we just laid and talked

"Oh by the way I do enjoy making you mad its a fun hobby of mine plus when we make up I get kisses"Calum said the last part crawling into my lap hugging my waist like a child and of course out of habit I kissed his cheek

"I need to stop doing that"I said laying my forehead of his head

"No you don't I quiet enjoy that about you especially since we fight over stupid stuff every 10 minutes then make up in seconds"Calum smiled

"Ok i'll give you that but really Calum i'm so confused about that girl coming over like why would a random girl just come over for no reason"I brought up the topic again

"Taylor we are just going to have to wait babe ok"Calum laughed because I was so worried

"But Calum I know my family they don't just randomly do this all the time"I was still worried

"Babe just calm down it's going to be ok I don't think your family would invite a murderer over it's not like you're going to die and maybe there is a reason she is coming over just stop panicking about it you'll be ok"Calum said putting his hands in mine bringing my arms up to his neck

"Ok yeah you're right i'm sure its nothing lets just go down stairs"I said standing up waiting on Calum

We went down stairs hand in hand and my mom was still rushing around and we had about 20 minutes left Logan was in the back outside with the 2 dogs we have and my dad wasn't home then I door opened I thought it would be my dad but it was Amber Michael and her family and Elissias parents ok doesn't everyone know but me and Calum so I lead Amber and Michael back outside to the front to ask them too with Calum of course

"Ok really do you guys know whats going on too my mom is like rushing around the house and Logan was all excited when I got him up"I asked

"No your mom called at like 10 this morning waking up my mom and told everyone to get up and hurry cause we have to get over to your house for something important and I asked my mom she said she didn't even know about it and she called Elissias mom to invite her but she didn't know whats happening either so I don't know why don't you call Elissia and ask"Amber said

"Ok yeah give me your phone mines inside I don't want to back in there yet"I said putting my hand out

*ring ring ring ring*

"Hello"Elissia answered

"Elissia listen ok my mom is acting really weird and sh-"Elissia cut me off

"My mom already called me I don't know whats going on but I am expecting a call as soon as you find out ok"Elissia said

"Uhg ok ill call you when I find out"I said mad no one knew and my family wouldn't tell me

"Ok good well anything else"Elissia asked

I seen my dads car turn thee corner and didn't want him to think I was freaking out about this so I got off the phone

"No but my dads home so bye ill call you later"I hung up quickly and we all rushed in the house

"Oh Taylor"I bumped into my mom walking in the door

"Sorry mom"I looked down

"10 minutes ok and please be nice to Jeannie ok I know you will anyways"Mom warned me

"Ok mom I know"I said like a typical teenager

Another 8 minutes went by and Logan and Dad and Mom was freaking out like never before then the door opened Jeannie was here and my Mom and Dad ran to her crying and Jeannie was crying too Logan just smiled hanging back I seen her face she was beautiful her hair was a dark blonde but I could see she probably dyes it she doesn't really look like me except for her face we have the same mouth eyes and nose and I had my mom face basically but she wore a flowy tank top with badge shorts and sandals she looked like someone really popular at school if she even goes to school but I don't think she would be

Ok Taylor I wasn't going to tell you so soon  but I cant hold it in any longer since Jeannie is here before I tell you Jeannie understands completely she isn't mad about this she is just glad she is here now and she has known since she was 14 I didn't tell you because we couldn't do anything about it then but Jeannie is your twin you two don't look exactly alike you're fraternal twins"I cut my mom off


"Taylor calm down and sit down please when Logan was born we were ok with money but as soon as you and Jeannie were born daddy lost his job and I couldn't work we were short on money and really only had enough money to give a good life to one of you and we thought about this for a long time if we would let both or one of you be adopted or if we would keep both of you but we would really struggle on money so we had to give up Jeannie until now she will live with us now"My mom explained and everyone else was still in shock

I kinda understood I wasn't mad but I could tell Jeannie wasn't like me she was more shy but still when she opens up I think she will be really fun

"Ok I get it mom so uhm Jeannie like you want to go talk outside or something while my mom..well our mom is still working on dinner"I asked

"Uhm sure can they come too"Jeannie asked nodding to Calum Amber Logan and Michael

"Oh yeah sure haha"I laughed

Well this is going to be fun I ALWAYS wanted a sister


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