I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


16. #Juke Will Happen

Taylor p.o.v

After about 3 hours of Calum and I driving we stopped at about 1:30 for lunch and I remembered how quiet Jeannie is when she meets new people and Luke is the same way well Luke is pretty quiet anyways they can't just not talk to each other ever

"Ok so Jeannie you are pretty quiet when you meet new people Luke is the same way but he is quiet for days after knowing someone so you might half to just ask him questions and stuff so he will talk so don't be offended if he just doesn't talk to you a lot"I warned Jeannie

"Ok but I'm not the best at talking to people I don't know"Jeannie said slowly

"I know it's fine Luke won't say anything cause is he the way but just ask questions after a while he will start asking you back just answer honestly and he will end up talking to you a lot more"I told her what to say

"I'll try"Jeannie smiled

2 and a half more hours of Amber and Michael driving and we had 30 more minutes and I could tell Jeannie was getting more excited and nervous all at once

"I think Jeannie is going to explode she is like jumping in her seat back here"Calum joked

"I'm really excited ok I just want to be there already and the last 30 minutes are going to be the longest 30 minutes ever"Jeannie said

"Ok yeah they will oh by the way Calum I know we are lucky to meet you guys but all the girls never got to meet all the boys in 1D so uhm like why"I said trying to make him mad

"That's not my problem I can't help it"Calum fought back

"Not your probably yes it is I NEED to meet them behind you and my girls they are my life that includes you Jeannie"I begged Calum

"Ok well if we can have you at the last concert them maybe alright"Calum said

"Promise"I asked

"Promise"Calum smiled

"So you guys are just going to make up that fast"Jeannie asked

"They do this all the time Taylor usually gets her way it has to be really major for them to fight more that 5 minutes at a time"Michael said looking at Jeannie threw the mirror

"We do not fight a lot"I said to Michael

"Yes we do"CAlum argued back

"See"Michael laughed

After Calum and I fighting and everyone just talking and laughing at Jeannie who was to excited to stay still another 25 minutes by and we were almost back tot he hotel so I called Ashton

*ring ring*

"Hellllo"Ashton answered

"Hey we are almost back we will be there in like 3 minutes make sure Luke is with you guys in one room and plus Jeannie is like jumping in the car to meet him she is so excited and try to make him talk to her a little I know he doesn't really talk to much"I said looking at Jeannie about to scream

"Ok Luke is with us already he is pretty excited too he doesn't know im on the phone but put it on speaker and listen to him talking to Elissia he is freaking out"Ashton laughed

"What should I said do you think she will even like me I hope she does what if she is to pretty for me I just heard her talking in the background and oh my god her voice is perfect should I just let her talk Im not good at talking im scared does she like the same things at me will she think im weird"Luke talked fast

"Haha sounds like Jeannie right now well at least that's what is happening in her head she is to excited to talk she is shaking now but we are pulling in now so see you in a second"I hung up

We got a cart and put our bags on it and went up to the 7th floor put my and Calums stuff in our room so they must be in Michael Amber and Lukes room Amber put he card in the door

Luke p.o.v

I heard the door open so I acted cool even though I was freaking out and stood up I seen Michael and Amber walk in then Taylor and Calum watching them walk in felt like forever I just wanted to see Jeannie I thought the whole time it would be a awkward hi or something but she walked in and she well one didn't really look like Taylor but she was beautiful her hair was about the same color as mine and she had a green yellow brownish eyes she looked perfect to me but I think we both felt different when we seen each other because we hugged each other like we haven't seen each other in years it felt...nice I heard everyone else go awww or ohhh but I would not let go until she did and finally she did

"Well that was uhm"I paused

"Yeah"Jeannie said awkwardly

"Yeah"I repeat smiling

"So uh we will just leave or you guys can"Calum interrupted

"Oh yeah we will just go walk around something be back later"I said grabbing Jeannies hand walking her out

"WAIT Luke back here now"Taylor pointed in front of her and Jeannie stepped back too but just waited in the hallway

"If you hurt my sister I will hurt you "Taylor threatened but she was paying though if I did she would mean it

"You can't hurt me"I said knowing she is tiny

"I..."Taylor paused

"I will get Calum to hurt"Taylor said

"He wouldn't and shouldn't you do this if she is younger than you and she isn't"I mocked her

"He would an-"Calum interrupted Taylor

"He is actually right I cant Cake is to strong"Calum laugh

"Uhg still just please don't"Taylor was serious

"I won't I swear okay I'll play nice but still she is the same age as you you shouldn't be all like...this"I said

"I'm sorry okay I don't really know how to deal with a sister if it was logan I would warn the girl"Taylor put her head down

I hugged her tight she really cares for Jeannie I don't think she thinks I would hurt her just the fact I'm her friend she is going by what she knows to act the whole her friends cant dater her sister thing though I don't believe in stuff like that

"Its okay Taylor alright I get it"I said letting her go holding her face up nodding

Jeannie and I then started out the door after I knew Taylor was okay iwasnt going to leave her upset then Jeannie went back to say something and I seen Taylor laugh

"By the way Taylor Trisha said I'm 2 minutes older to Calum don't hurt my little sister"Jeannie winked

Jeannie p.o.v

I see exactly what Taylor meant by everyone is really close and no one cares if their boyfriend hugs/cuddles their friend and same with the girls I seen Luke hug Taylor tight to comfort her this I think would make me mad but it didn't for some reason I hope I'm just as close to all of them like they all are it actually made me happy he did that I would kinda think he was rude if he didn't hug or something its just one big good but weird crazy time right now that I will think back on forever then Luke broke my daydream

"So what do you want to talk about or do"Luke asked sitting down on a bench outside the hotel lobby in the shade

"I don't know start a subject"I sat next to him

"Well social life  like are you still in school do you have a boyfriend do you have friends like a lot or some or none do you have a boyfriend are you popular do you have a boyfriend"Luke smiled

"Uhm ok Yes im in school no a had a friend but she moved and we don't talk anymore so no friend no again im not popular or have a ever been and no again"I laughed at the last no

"I like the 2nd 4th and last answer"Luke looked down

"Taylor said you're shy"I asked

"No im not shy im just quiet with new people"Luke said still looking down

"Me too but can we both help each other change that"I asked stepping out of my comfort zone asking such a question

"I'd like that do you want to maybe go to dinner later like alone"Luke asked pausing a lot

"Like a"I paused and looked down and back up smiling

"Yes like a date so is that a yes"Luke smiled

"Uhm well I might be a little busy you know Taylor and stuff ill need to think about it"I said making him worry

"Oh"Luke said sadly

"Im just kidding Luke i'll go"I laughed

"I knew that haha"Luke said sarcastically

"Oh ok"I laughed again

This will be a beautiful start

After a couple hours we headed to dinner which was very nice and I felt under dressed but I didn't care we just laughed tweeted back in and forth when it got quiet and took some pictures and posted them making everyone ask who I was and they already loved or hated me can we just sum it up as Luke and I got very close that night then we went back to the hotel and everyone separated us asking how everything went us both just saying good

Luke p.o.v

I actually really really like her could I say love well maybe I don't know yet a ended up telling the 5sosfam her name is Jeannie Taylors twin the next second all I seen was #Juke although I am shipped with many many people Juke just sounded right our names fit together perfectly we fit together perfectly so I decided to have fun with Jeannie and the fam and tweeted

#Juke will happen one day guys don't worry :) just wait

Everyone was mad or really happy about this I guess there really are two types of people the most awkward thing is she has to sleep with me she has no where else to sleep well she could have slept with one of the girls but I cant sleep int he same bed as the guys they are all so tossy and turny and stuff so this was awkward for both of us now but it clearly didn't bother her as much and it made me calm down and just fall asleep


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