I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


21. Jarry

Calum p.o.v

I got up actually on time about 45 minutes before rehearsal which is rare but everyone else was asleep in my room so I went to Ashtons room to see is him Elissia Luke and Jeannie were awake and only Elissia was awake and she was waking everyone else up too she looked half ready also so I went back to my room with in minutes so I could get dressed and make everyone else up too

We all got ready on time and drove to rehearsal cause it would be a 10 minute walk and we had about 5 minutes to get there but finally we did and we stood outside for a bit talking before going in

"Im scared"Elissia whined

"Why"Luke laughed

"I don't know them I mean 3 years and this is how I am meeting them what if they don't like me or something"Elissis said with a sad face

"They will like you okay im sure even if they don't they will at least act like it they aren't that mean"I said like I was talking to a child

After a few minutes of the girls containing their selves except Jeannie of course we went inside and started to rehearse wile the girls waited on the boys to get there because they would be there any minute and also watched us then they finally came and the girls were so nervous and you would have to know them to know they were because they hid it really well

Harry p.o.v

I was pretty excited to meet the 5sos band girlfriends I have to admit they are all very beautiful but I cant cross that border with the boys they are my mates but then again Jeannie isn't dating Luke yet

"Hello"I smiled approaching the girls with Naill beside me and everyone else behind me

"H-Hi-"the ginger one said

"Haha your nervous"Louis said half hugging her shoulder

"No need we are just as normal as any other person just living abnormal lives with abnormal job"Niall said like a author

"Ok"The black headed one breathed

"Ok they are still to nervous I am Jeannie Taylors twin and Taylor is the brownish red head with the curls this is Elissis is the ginger and Amber is the balck hair they are huge fans who are dying inside right now and want to cry I am not the biggest fan but I do like your song Little Things I just listen to different music music life Luke and I hear Niall listens to that kind of music too"Jeannie said like she owned the place then went back to her shyness probably regretting how she said that

"Ok"I nodded

We all just hugged and the girl calmed down and talked to us like normal people finally we just talked about how they became fans how 5sos talked about them so much they time they were gone and just listened to them rehearse while we waited to rehearse

Yeah I mostly talk to Jeannie she is beautiful and had her confident out burst I found great and funny because every time seconds later she judged herself and became shy again...I like her but I cant Luke and her are almost a thing so I just fought back my feelings and they must not to be to strong I mean I forgot about it for a while then we went on to rehearse the girls stayed for a few songs them left with  the  boys so see Lou

Luke p.o.v

"Hello"Lou said

"Hey Lou this is Elissia Amber Jeannie and Taylor"Calum said pointing at all of them according to their names

"Hello girls have you discovered how erm difficult these boys are yet"Lou joked

"Oh yeah"Elissia laughed

"Awh you are so...American in a good way haha well boys you must get your hair done now come on"Lou waved

The time is coming closer and closer we have a time went we stop for a few minutes to talk sometimes I think we have that time tonight i'll say my normal hello welcome we love you guys whatever I say usually quickly then go on to the surprise to be honest I am quite scared I don't want anyone to be embarrassed but it will be good for everyone and totally a surprise plus I don't want to hide anything from the fans

After a while we got out and had our hair done and the girls were only talking and waiting and found out the arena is sold out so they will have to sit at the top were you cant really see without hurting your neck so they will just listen from the side backstage so they get a side view but its still pretty cool to watch a band like that anyways plus they have screens back there of the front stage and them being right there will help with my surprise so it all works out everything is working perfectly like its meant to  be


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