I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


20. Hours On Hours

Jeannie p.o.v

I cant say I hate One Direction they never did anything to me I actually like their song Little Things but that's it they just don't play music I like but Im still excited to meet them I mean I like meeting famous people I guess and I heard Louis and Niall like bands I like too like Green Day The Fray and others at least that's what Luke told me so that's good they just don't sing songs like that but if they listen to that kind of music that is good enough for me

"Taylor when are we stopping Im hungry"Luke asked

"I don't know whenever Ashton wants to drive the other car I guess call him and ask cause Michael is driving  right now and he has been for the past 5 hours"Taylor answered not taking her eyes off the road

*ring ring ring*

"Yeah"Ashton answered

"Do you want to drive now or wait cause I am hungry we haven't ate since like 1 and its 9pm now"Luke asked

"Sure I guess but we have to hurry we have to get there"Ashton said

"ok"Luke said

"He said he will drive now he doesn't care so lets pull over"Luke said

"Ok well Calum do you want to drive"Taylor asked

"I wanna drive"I shouted

"Do you have your license"Taylor asked

"Uh no of course not Taylor... do you understand the term twin as in we were born at the same time...duh...I got my license the same day you did"I joked

"Your so much like Taylor the way you say things like you are sarcastic she is so sarcastic too"Calum laughed

"I am not that bad"Taylor defended

Luke and Calum said together yes you are Taylor only got mad just got over it and after a few minutes we found a place to eat and switch cars and drivers

I drove with Luke beside me and Amber and Michael rode with us and Ashton drove the other car with everyone else

"Amber I feel like we could be twins more than Taylor and I"I said

"Uhm why"Amber laughed saying why

"Because we are just more alike I guess like we listen to the same music like Iris Nirvana Green Day other things we both have so many ideas for tattoos and piercings we have dyed both our hair quit a lot with both randomly go into weird accents and probably more stuff than I can think of"I said

"Well yeah I guess but you and Taylor look quit a lot like and if you never dyed your hair well highlighted it and if Taylor never when like a red color you guys would look so much more alike also if you wore more skinny jeans and band tees"Amber nodded

I just nodded because it was true but Amber introduced me to new bands well bands new to me call The 1975, The Neighbourhood, Kodaline and The Oh Hellos, all bands with the same type of indie type so we really just listened to many of their songs for a while they all sound relaxing and calm and different in a good way

A couple more hours went by and we still had 3 more which didn't bother me I was wide awake but everyone thought I wasn't

"JEANNIE"Luke screamed

"Luke what"I said jumping a little

"Just making sure you aren't tired"Luke said calmly

"Well I'm fine so please don't scream at me"I sassed

"OK"Luke yelled

I rolled my eyes and laughed to myself

Luke p.o.v

I have a idea to ask her out usually this would be something I would NEVER do in millions of years but I don't just want to say hey you want to officially go out it seems so plain for us we already know we like each other but making it official is different and yeah it is going to be scary but I don't care and I wont tell anyone so it will just happen and everyone gets a surprise

"Hey can I ask you something while they are asleep"I said looking back at Michael and Amber

"Yeah I guess"Jeannie said quickly looking at me smiling then looking back at the road

"Are you okay with Elissia and I being so close and tell me the truth cause if you aren't okay with it you can just tell me"I asked

"Yeah I mean I was kinda jealous at first I guess cause you guys are so close and spend so much time together so I thought maybe something was going to happen but she told me she was feeling left out and we both realized yeah we are kinda leaving her out this isn't the way she is use to you need her and she needs you and I never want any less of you guys I have realized you guys are like close brother and sister its good everyone needs at least one friend like that"Jeannie explained

This sounds weird even in my head but I love when she is 100% honest cause you can tell she I s so when she is she is really deep and doesn't respond with a few word answer she explains it

"Good because I love you both so much and I don't want to loose either of you ever"I smiled

The car went completely silent and for the next 2 hours I fell asleep but woke up in the last 30 minutes of the car ride

Ashton p.o.v

Finally we have 30 minutes left and I just want to sleep until the show starts but it is a little after 3 am and I could sleep until rehearsal at 3pm so 12 hours and ill probably sleep the whole time

*ring ring*

"Hello"I answered

"Hey I just woke up is everyone asleep in the car"Luke asked

"Yeah they have been for the past few hours what about Michael and Amber"I asked

"Yepp the past few hours as well but what time is rehearsal cause I will sleep until then"Luke asked

"3 then the boys rehearse at 4 also we have to get to Lou at 5:30 to get our hair fixed and stuff"I said

"Ok well the GPS thing says we are at the hotel in 2 miles so ill wake up Michael and Amber wake up everyone else too"Luke said hanging up

Finally we got in the hotel and every didn't even bother to change or anything we only packed our bags in and fell asleep

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