I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


8. Don't Tell Anyone Yet

-The next morning-

Elissia p.o.v

I woke up the next morning like the first time I woke up in the bus with Ashtons arm around me and the girls were awake, either I get up early or they get up late so I got my phone to check the time it was already 12:00pm yeah they get up late but I just decided to just stay there instead of making a obstacle of getting up and not waking him but just thinking about the past few months its crazy I haven't thought about it until now I was just a fan that was just there to see 1D but no that hasn't even happened actually ive only met 2/5 officially Zayn and Liam and all of the sudden Ashton and Luke are fighting then BAM im in the hospital then we cried when he had to leave I was jealous Michael and Calum had already asked out Taylor and Amber and I was so scared he wasn't going to and he did and Luke is going out with someone based on her looks and now im here just lying here thinking with Ashton asleep Im not so scared as I am happy im here im with Ashton and the boy in general but its scary cause I know they will tell the 5sosfam soon and yeah some will be like as long as he is happy  and some as aww she is so pretty and I love them but the other some will also be like I hate her go die you don't deserve him and youre changing him so im scared for that day too and im scared for when I have to leave him again in a week but then I got out of my daydream when I heard a good morning in a deep raspy morning voice in my ear making me jump a little bit

"Haha did I scare you much"Ashton laughed

"Yeah a little bit I was just daydreaming"I said climbing down the bunk

"About what"Ashton asked getting breakfast

"Just what has happened over the past few months"I said getting a drink

"It is a little bizarre I reckon"Ashton nodded

"A bit Ashton you're freakin famous im  just from a random town in Mississippi do you realize how bizarre it was just to meet you let alone date you"I talked a bit louder

"Ok maybe it was really bizarre for you to meet us  but just don't think oh he is famous cause yeah I am a little bit but im not changing im exactly the same I was in Australia we don't even feel any different except loved by more people now which is a great feeling"Ashton agreed

"Good cause I don't want you guys to change ever"Elissia smiled

"We wont its a promise"Ashton smiled back

"Good so whats our plans for today"I asked

"Anything you possibly want"Ashton smiled

"Well I don't know lets just go out today just run around the streets"I said

"Ok ill get the guys up cause they wont get up if I don't ask Amber and Taylor if they want to come with us and ill ask Michael and Calum"Ashton said spilting away from me

"Wait what if a fan or someone sees us out together wont they ask if we are together and same for Calum and Michael"I aksed

"Well if they do they do we cant really help it I won't lie to them but I don't think you seen the hotel yet"Ashton looked out the window

"There is like 5 people with your shirt on how do they find this stuff out like where you guys are"I asked

"I don't know myself but hurry so more don't show up cause I don't want to get mobbed with you with me are going to give us the two cars that they security guys drive and move the bus to a closed area so we have to go soon"Ashton explained putting a beanie on

"Well ill hurry then and ill text Luke he is with Areea in the hotel"I got out my phone


Hey brother! there are 5 fans outside Ashton said they are going to move the bus to a closed area when we leave and we have to hurry and they are giving us the two cars for the day but I think he wants to meet them before we go

I went to the bathroom put on my shorts with a flowy floral tank and my vans as always waiting on a reply from Luke and looked at my phone

1 new message


Hey sister! ok I asked the security and they said it is fine to meet them since we aren't busy today but me and Areea are going take one car if that's ok cause Michael  and Calum texted me and said they are going to go with you and Ashton

THANK GOD I really didn't want to really deal with Areea today but also that's one day we cant record oh well we already have a lot but we will probably see them before we leave so I guess ill record then

"Ok good you guys are already dressed everyone except Luke and Areea and going to go out today together I don't know where Luke and Areea are going but they wont be with us so that's good and Michael and Calum are getting ready and Ashton is somewhere bad there"I informed todays plans to the girls

"Ok well you do realize their are like 5 fans outside waiting for them and if they meet them they will ask about us"Taylor looked out the window

"Ashton said they have to find out sometime so I guess he will just tell them"I sighed

"Well I have a feeling you don't want them to know"Amber questioned me

"No I do but I know some of them will be like I hate her and I don't want that"I said

"Yeah but some will be all so cute and some will respect you if they like you or not same for all of us"Taylor brightened me up

"That's true too"I agreed

"Ok ready to meet them Luke is already coming down the elevator"Ashton made his way over to me

"Yes and no"I looked down

"Haha aww ok just stay beside or behind they will probably ask about you all but I got it don't talk to much for now I think we will do a twitcam later and officially tell everyone"Ashton said walking out of the bus to the hotel where Luke and Areea was

This is it im meeting fans with Ashton Luke Calum and Michael just 5 months ago I was just like them screaming and crying over them thinking they are some kind of perfect band that I was blessed to even know their names but now im here it feels weird I hope they don't hate me but anyways I think I should record now until we leave just to be sure

"HIIIIIII how are you"Ashton said to the girls

They were just signing merch and taking pictures but then Areea started in

"Look how sad this is they are so underdressed like look at this girl over here with like blue and pink and purple in her hair that is so nasty they all look dirty like homeless ew"Areea talked quietly

"I actually had hair like that a couple of years back I think it is good she is showing her true self"Amber said to Areea

"That's why you are dating George Washtinton I mean Michael sorry both their hair colors look the same"Areea sasses cause Amber to clunch her fists

Just when I thought they were leaving one girl said who are the girls with you are you guys dating them they are all so pretty

"Oh..uh ok listen tonight when we get back to a wifi area we are doing a twitcam okay and we are going to introduce them then to everyone but for now please PLEASE PLEASE don't say anything but yes we are dating them"Calum explained

"Aww that's so cute what are your names and who do you date and how did you meet"the girls asked

We looked at Ashton to make sure it was ok to talk he nodded

"Well Taylor Elissia and I were all fans and im Amber and we knew about the boy for a while but we got meet and greet tickets to 1D and Ashton came up shocked us and we all instantly knew we were going to be close and then we went home and Michael asked me out and Calum asked out Taylor over the 4 months we didn't see each other and she is Areea she is my sister she is dating Luke and we got in yesterday and Ashton asked out Elissia in this big surprise thing and so yeah"Amber explained

"AWWW that's so cute you guys were just fans do you have like twitters or anything"A girl named Jasmine asked

"Yeah we do"Elissia said giving them our twitters

"Ok please don't tell any yet see the twitcam tonight and youll see them but we have to go now we are on holiday nice meeting you all"Ashton waved getting in the car

"Well that was cool"I said looking back at the girls waving

"Yeah we don't really get to meet them like that a lot anymore"Ashton sighed

"Well I could see why you guys are busy a lot now"I agreed

"Yeah well I seen you're record button on when you were talking to those girls what did you record of her"Ashton asked

"I don't know if you want to here it she is talking about the fans"I shrugged

"Yeah I better not ill get mad"Ashton clinched the wheel

"Ok just don't worry about for now we are trying to make her admit she is usong Luke for fame in America and Australia she is say it soon"I said kissing Ashton on the cheek to make him feel better making him smile

"Ok well lets park the car and start walking here Luke said he will meet up with us in a few hours and we have until 12 security said we have until then or we have to call them to stay with us if we want out later"Ashton got out of the dar and opened my door

"Gentlemen aren't you Ashton haha"I laughed

"Only for you"Ashton smiled

Areea p.o.v

Its about freaking time they tell their little fans about me..oh and the other girls too I forget about them all the time Im going to be so famous in Australia and America and all the other places their famous that im not im going to be even bigger then them probably I should kiss one of the other boys in public while they are with fans and Luke doesn't see ill be in magazines for a while after that ill be huge this hold plan for me to date him was amazing and its working out perfect

"Ok so where do you want to go Areea"Luke asked

"I don't care as long as I don't get dirty sick or fall"I filliped my hair

"So you are basically saying you want to sit in a germ free area"Luke laughed

I looked at him like he was stupid cause he is but maybe I should have dated a more mature grown up guy he is just a baby

Lukes p.o.v

Maybe we should have haven't with everyone else I do like her a lot but she makes me feel so down like a little kid what is really weird is I don't have feeling like I did for Elissia but I feel like id choose her over Areea id choose the band and the other girls over her I feel like and we don't even know a lot about each other at all she is kinda mean too but not really bad I don't think I guess since I met her I don't feel the same like I did maybe I was just looking at her beauty I feel like she is just here like she is my girlfriend and I like her a lot in my head but in my heart I feel nothing for her its a weird feeling I feel guilty about feeling

"Okay well want to go see a movie"I asked

"Okay"Areea agreed

Ok im trying here could you at least try to have a full conversation with me but I just try to hide my anger with her

-At the movies-

"Ok what do you want to see"I asked

"I don't care but as long as it isn't childish and stupid"Areea sassed

"Ok then ill go get tickets to Conjuring I guess you can go get us what ever to eat and drink"I said walking away

Ok I had a feeling this wouldn't work out she cant even hold a conversation this is going to be a hard relationship maybe I can make it work though

"Ok do you have anything with no calories sugur cards or salt"Areea asked the food area employees


"Ok ill have two"Areea waited

"Ok what did you get"I asked

"I got us both water is has not sugar cards calories or salt"Areea handed me the bottle

"Ok are you not hungry"I asked

"I cant eat now ill eat a salad night im a model Luke and you don't need all the carbs"Areea sassed

"Uhm yes I do im hungry and only 17 I need food"I argued

"Uhg fine but tomorrow you cant eat as much as you usually do at least"Areea walked into the theater

I don't even know if we will last to tomorrow

Taylors p.o.v

I really would like for Calum to meet my parents before he has to leave again their opinions would mean a lot to me to know they like him too so I know it is about 6 hours away but I don't think he would mind

"Hey calum would you do me a favor that involves traveling"I asked walking behind everyone with him

"Id do anything for you what do you want ill do"Calum smiled

"Well my parent opinions mean a lot to me if they like you so will you meet them I know its about 6 hours away but please"I begged

"Ok we will leave tomorrow around 10 am"Calum agreed

"Well I didn't think you would agree that fast"I said shocked

"Id do anything with and for you"Calum smirked

Ambers p.o.v

I didn't mean to but I over heard Taylor and Calum saying Calum is going to meet her parents tomorrow Id like Michael to meet my parents but I know they would be all he is weird he is just like you my parents I don't think they even like the way I am with my style hair and music let alone someone so much like me who likes everything I do I mean my parents opinion mean a lot to me but I will not change for them I cant just change what I love

"Did you hear Calum and Taylor too"Michael asked

"Yeah I did I think its cute he just agreed like that"I smiled

"Well"Michael asked putting his arm around my shoulder

"Well what"I asked confused

"When do I get to meet your family"Michael asked

"Oh you don't not now at least"I said quickly

"Why is there something wrong with me"Michael let go

"No there is nothing wrong with you...to me"I hesitated

"What do you mean to you"Michael squinted his eyes

"Ok just listen you are basically the guy version of me from the hair dye to the awkward shyness and music and my parent think it is weird to like indie scene music and it weird to dye your hair and they think I need to stop being shy when I cant and they think my clothes are weird also so they don't really except what I like and who I am so they aren't going to except you and im sorry but not everyone in the world is going to and I don't want you to go and meet them for them to not like you and I know they wont"I looked down

"Look I know not everyone is going to like me have you seen our YouTube comments lately we know we have heard and seen not everyone likes us why don't we just go with them in the morning and I can at least meet them"Michael asked

"Okay but I cant help what they say"I sighed

"Its going to be okay"Michael reassured me

-Ashtons p.o.v

I heard Michael and Amber talking about leaving to meet Ambers parents with Calum and Taylor I have talk to Elissias parent before and seen them on Skype I don't really want to go all the way up there to meet them went I basically already have and maybe we would be more alone cause only Luke and Areea would be here if they don't go too and Im kinda hoping she didn't hear anything they said so she doesn't ask me to go too I want to just stay here and be with her

"Luke texted he is on his way over"I held my phone

"Great"Elissia said very unexcited

"I know you dont like Areea no one does"I put my arm around her

"I just want to tell Luke now"Elissia sighed

"I know we all do but we cant say anything yet"I pulled her into a hug to make her feel better

"Ok lets just go find Luke and...her"Elissia hesitated making me laugh



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