I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


15. Can I Go

Jeannie p.o.v

This may be shocking..no its not I don't or ever have I had a lot of friends because I choose my friends and no one gets along at my old school that's why I was home schooled until know I don't know what ill do when school started back now but now I feel so conformable around Taylor Amber Michael and Calum which im not use to this feeling and the fact im meeting someone just like me tonight who I get chills from just by his voice and the way he blushed after what Elissia said makes me excited and nervous but I blushed too..yeah boys didn't find me attractive or funny or even ok to date because im not "popular" when I was in public school so it feel good to have someone maybe like me if Luke does

*2 hours later*

"Taylor"I asked quietly

"Yeah"Taylor turned her head to me

"Are we going to ask or tell Trisha im going with you cause you guys leave in a hour"I asked

"Oh yeah let me talk just stand behind me and smile"Taylor said standing up

"Haha ok"I laughed

"Hey mom can I ask you something I think I know what you'll say but I think I should ask before leaving"Taylor walked to the kitchen with me following

"Yeah sweetie what is it"Trisha asked drying dishes

"Well canJeannie come with us so she can meet Luke Elissia and Ashton please please please"Taylor begged

"Uhm well I mean is she wants to I don't care"Trisha smiled

"thank you thank you thank you"Taylor hugged Trisha

"Thank you Trisha"I nodded

Taylor and I began to walk out of the kitchen back to everyone else in the living room

"WAIT"Trisha called out

Oh no

"Taylor"Trisha made Taylor and I turn around

"Ye-yeah"Taylor stuttered

"You want to set up Jeannoe with Luke don't you"Tisha smiled

"Maybe"Taylor laughed

"Ok yeah I might already like him a little"i blushed

"Well in that case"Trisha paused

"Good luck with Luke"Trisha smiled

"Haha thanks"I smiled

YAY I thought she was going to be mad

"Ok we have to leave soon I need to go more clothes if we got with them for the next few months wanna come help me"Taylor asked

"Sure where is Michael and Calum and Amber"I asked

"Calum is with Logan for reasons I don't want to talk about lets just say Logan is very protective over his girlfriend who is a fan of 5sos and Amber is probably packing and Michael would be with her"Taylor said

We walked up to Taylors room it was covered with 1D Calums pictures and some of the other boys too and and some other people I didn't recognize but I think either youtubers she is really addicted to the internet but I guess im just not really like that I have my favorite bands and stuff but im not in the whole "fandom" things but I see she had a whole wall dedicated to her Elissia and Amber so that was nice

"I see you like a lot people"I said looking around Taylors room

"Yeah all these people make me so happy I don't know what I would do if I didn't know all of them"Taylor smiled

A silence came but not awkward but silence

"So we are twins your name starts with a J mine starts with a T why most twins have the first letter in their name why don't we do you know"Taylor asked

"My mom like adoptive mom told me your name was Taylor when I was 15 and I asked the same thing she said our mom didn't like when people do that we are twins but we don't have to have similar names we are our own people so I guess that's why plus I guess she liked both names"I said

"Makes sense I guess I like how we don't have similar names"Taylor added

"Yeah me too I think it is a lot less confusing and getting our names mixed up too"I agreed

"Yeah well 10 minutes we need to get over to Ambers and see if they are ready"Taylor said zipping up her huge suitcase and pushing in on its wheels going to the balcony at the end of the hallway that looks over the backyard to yell to Calum we have to go to Ambers

"Oh are you guys leaving now well here is your suitcase Jeannie"Tisha patted my suitcase

"No we aren't leaving yet mom we have to leave in 10 minutes but we are just going to Ambers house and Elissias to tell her mom bye we will be back in a few minutes"Taylor said opening the door

Trisha nodded

It surprised me Taylor just walked in Ambers house without knocking before or anything but I guess they are so close anyways

"AMBER YOU READY"Taylor screamed as we walked up the stairs

Ok now she is screaming in someones house and no one even cares I am really not use to this stuff I had a close friend but we never did this but im not nearly as loud as Taylor either

"Yeah im ready wheres Calum"Amber asked

"He is coming he was with Logan"Taylor said as we heard foot steps coming up the stairs

"We ready"Calum asked standing in the door frame

"Yepp"I said jumping in excitement a little

"You're just wanting to meet Luke"Calum laughed

"WHAT nooo I just want to meet everyone and hang out with you guys"I kinda lied meeting Luke was the first thing on my mind

"Jeannie"Calum stretched my name

I looked down shyly

"Jeannie"Calum said my name fast

"OK yeah I just really want to meet Luke"I laughed shyly

I don't know why I was so embarrassed to say I really want to meet Luke I meet I just im not a "fangirl" wanting to meet him like Amber Taylor and Elissia but I want to meet him because I already kinda like him just his voice is perfect to me so if he is great as his voice i'll be pretty happy with him but when I said I want to meet him Calum came over and hugged/cuddled me which was really weird plus he is my sisters boyfriend but she didn't care I didn't want to sound stupid and ask but I felt like I had to so when we walked over to Elissias house to say bye I got her in the back of the group to ask

"So uhm like I don't want to sound stupid but Calum was like hugging slash cuddling me in there do you not even care"I asked quietly so only she heard me

Taylor laughed so loud after I asked this and everyone looked back at us weirdly that would usually make me mad and feel stupid but it just made me smile and feel relief that she didn't care

"I don't care at all that's what we do in our group like even though which don't be mad about this is has got over it but Luke use to like Elissia but she kinda liked him too but she chose Ashton but even 4 months later they cuddle and basically everyone cuddles and hugs a lot in our group like I could go up and hug or cuddle Michael right now and Amber or Calum wouldn't care"Taylor laughed again

"Then go to Michael and do that"I wasn't sure if she was completely true about that or joking

"Ok"Taylor ran up and pushed herself between Calum and Michael I hugged him on his side but never stopped walking and he just put his arm around her shoulders and Calum or Amber even thought to turn to them then she let go and waited on me to catch up

"See no one cares Luke will probably cuddle you as soon as he meets you and so will Ashton if Luke even lets you go"Taylor laughed

We said bye to Elissias mom if about 5 mintues then we got our stuff and said bye to Trisha and we were on our way

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