I Was Just A Fan (A 5SOS Fanfic)

Hai my names Elissia (its pronounced el-e-see-a) Im 16 and my best friends are also both 16 their names are Amber and Taylor and we are all inlove with famous peope


10. All Seems Happy

A/N I know this is different but im just putting this chapter in cause I know Calum and Taylor aren't to much in this story cause they don't really have much drama but here you go Talum/Caylor shippers


Taylors p.o.v

I woke up to my alarm at 9 am at first I was thinkz  ing why is it going off and where am I then I remembered we got our hotel rooms last night and Calum gets to meet my family today and instantly got excited and woke him up

"Calum wake up"I said pushing a little

"UHGGGGGGGG"Calum groaned in his pillow rolling on his stomach

"CALUM UP NOW"I said pushing a little more not knowing he was so close to the edge as I accidentally pushed him on the floor with his pillow

"WELL IM UP NOW"Calum screamed picking his pillow and throwing at me

"Haha Im sorry"I said getting up to go get my clothes

"Its ok babe"Calum said as he wrapped his arms around me from behind kissing my cheek

"Haha good will you go to Michael Amber and Lukes room and wake up Michael and Amber they are going too"I asked him sweetly knowing he would go if I asked him like that

"Yeah but is everyone else going too"Calum asked as he rocked me side to side before leaving

"No Ashton and Elissia aren't and I don't know about Luke but I don't think he is either even though I think we already woke up Ashton and Elissia though"I laughed looking at Ashton and Elissia sitting up looking really mad at us

"Yes yes you did wake us up and no Luke is not going he is staying with us"Elissia said falling back to her pillow

"Well sorry just go back to sleep then"I said looking at Calum leave then back at my suitcase

"I will"Elissia sassed

Haha she hates being woke up

-a hour later-

It was almost time to go we were just getting our stuff in the car because we would be gone 2 days 1 night and I was getting nervous I cant think of a reason why my parents wouldn't like him he cares about me he is nice and sweet but its just he is meeting my parents and my parents opinion mean a lot to me just because they mean so much to me and this is a major thing going on

"Ok Taylor are you ready"Amber asked as I was in my day dream

"Uhm hello Taylor you ok"She asked again

"What oh yeah im ready"I said trying to hide my nervousness but she gave me a weird look

"Uhm Michael will you sit with Calum up front I need to talk to Taylor"Amber said looking at me saying my name

"Ok I guess"Mochael questioned those words looking confused

"Ok whats wrong"Amber quietly asked as the boys turned on the music

"Nothing"I shook my head

"Taylor really tell me"Amber commanded

"Its just...im scared my parents what my parents might think I don't think they wouldn't like him but if they do I don't know what id do there opinions mean so much to me but I love Calum so much and I don't know I just think it would be really hard to choose"I sighed

"Taylor trust me if anyone is going to hate anyone its going to be my parents to Michael he is just like he and you know they hardly accept me let alone someone just like me so you don't worry about your parents hating Calum trust me there is nothing to hate him for anyways but you don't seem really worried about your brother what about him"Amber relieved me

"Well I know he is my brother but he is older so of course he would hate him at first I mean he is my older brother im dating a guy other than me I mean its kinda a brothers thing to completely hate my boyfriends so im not worried about him the most he will do is hate him anyways"I explained

"Well that's true haha remember how he hated Jas-"I cut her off

"We said we would never say that name so don't even"I warned her

"I forgot sorry haha well im going to call Elissia and see what they are going its 12 now they should at least me awake"Amber picked up her phone

-Amber p.o.v

I haven't checked twitter today I haven't been able to and im avoiding it I know how some fans are but I try not avoid it too im scared but I seen Taylorsand everyone loves her so maybe everyone loves me too...yeah I doubt that but I should call Elissia now

*ring ring ring*

"Hello"I heard Ashtons voice

"Hey Ashton wheres Elissia"I asked

"She is still getting ready me and Luke are still waiting and she is still taking forever but why do you need her do you not want to talk to me"Ashton joked

"No I really didn't want to talk to you Ashton"I joked

"Oh ok ok ill just hang up then bye"Ashton acted like he was mad

"No no no Ashton"I thought he was serious

"Im joking haha why did you call though"Ashton laughed

"I was just seeing if you are awake and going anywhere for today"I said

"Oh we are going to go to eat then the pet rescue place around here then movies then eat dinner then back to the hotel I guess"Ashton explained there day

"Well that sounds...fun I guess haha"I thought for words

"Yeah oh have you seen your twitter and instagram yet"Ashton asked excited

"Uhm im trying to avoid it im scared of the fans hating me to be honest"I shyly told him

"Well don't be they all love how you girls where fans and stuff so yeah I think they want you to follow and talk to them and follow then so I think you should go do that"Ashton said

"Ok well tell Elissia say hey from me and Taylor and ill go do that

"Ok byeeee"Ashton said like he does in some of his keeks

"Bye"I laughed

I know this will sound bad but I mean it in a very friendship way but Ashton never fails to make me smile he just does stupid little things that I could laugh about forever for some reason but I decided to trust him and get on Twitter and instagram and oh my god I have 15k followers just from yesterday and today just two days ago I had like 100 If that and random people talking to me and asking about me and Michael and life and im still to see a I hate you or anything it was so overwhelming that so many people are like I love you I never had that and I just began to tear up its like ive talked to these people before but not like this and one girl I seem said im proud you made it so far from 6 months ago this girls name was Kenzie she talked to me everyday I told her I was always thinking about the moment im in now I thought she could have been mad but no she was actually proud I don't have many people saying they are proud of me so I began to cry me

"Uhm are you ok"Michael asked as tear drops hit my phone

"Im better than ill ever be right now"I said looking up at him through my teary eyes

"Uhm alright I don't know what you mean but ok"Michael said turning back around

"She is crying because some girl she talked to for a long time about meet you and all this stuff tweeted her saying she is proud and she doesn't get that a lot or ever at that so that's why"Taylor explained like it was a usually thing to the guys

"Ok that is good but weird and disturbing you just talked to some random girl about me but also flattering I guess"Michael was confused

"Yeah you should be flattered but I think the like me they keep asking me about you and me and life and the girls and how they didn't like Areea haha its just like wow"I breathed heavy from talking so fast

"Yeah well talk to them then"Michael smiled

-6 hours later of music and talking-

"Ok go down this road for like a minute and youll see my and Taylors house but I want us to all go see Elissias mom she is like my and Taylors second mom so yeah she lives in the house next to Taylors on the right and I live across from Elissia"I explained

"Well that's weird"Calum said

"Why"I asked

"You all live so close to each other its like meant for you to all be best friends"Calum pulled into Elissias driveway

Calum p.o.v

Ok I need to just stay calm im just meeting her family its no big deal im ok everyone seems calm why am I not

"Is she home will she care"I asked the girls

"Yeah she is home she loves us she wont care at all"Taylor said getting out of the car going to the door

*knock knock*

"TAYLOR AMBER im so glad to see you its been quiet with you girls how are you"Elissias mom asked hugging us

"Haha yeah it feels a little weird and sorry Elissia didn't come but I think she already told you that we just that we would see you and let you meet Caluma nd Michael before they go meet our parents"Amber said following Elissias mom in the house

"Oh that's nice haha well hello boys"Elissias mom did a slight nod

"Hello"Michael said very politely

"Hi"Calum said a little more casually

"Michael you don't have to be so like perfect"Amber laughed

"Well I don't know how to act"Michael said in a higher pitched voice

"Haha well we have to go now we will see you tomorrow before we leave"Taylor hugged Elissias mom again

Well that went a lot better than I thought I was scared for nothing but I haven't even met Taylors parents yet so still a little scared

"MOM DAD LOGAN"Taylor screamed walking in the door as Michael and Amber walked across the street

"Honey your finally here"Taylors mom ran to give her a hug while her brother Logan her dad and a girl I haven't heard about followed slower behind

"yeah I brought Calum so you could meet him and Amber and Michael are at Ambers house"Taylor tell go of the hug

"Oh ok well hello Calum Im Trisha and this is Eddie Taylors father older brother Logan and his girlfriend Lila but you can call us by our first names if you would like"Trisha slightly nodded her head

"Omg Im sorry this might annoy you but im a huge fan of you and well all of 5sos can I just have a hug"Lila looked like she was about to cry

"Haha sure"I laughed and looked at Logan smiling along with Taylors parents

Ok maybe im a little better she has a older brother and a girlfriend around our age so maybe we would hangout with them in the two days so im not awkward around her parents they seem nice too I don't think they completely hate me at least

"Taylor Lila im just going to go outside with Calum along to get to know him ill met up with you in a second"Logan said opening the front door

"Uhm ok whatever"Taylor said following Lila and her parents

I followed Logan outside to the pavement on the side of the road and sat down like him

"Ok listen I know what you are trying to do and you do too so im going to need you to stop before someone as in you get hurt"Logan talked like I knew what he meant

"I don't understand but did I say something wrong"I asked

"Oh my God are you stupid ok one you are dating my little sister if you hurt her in which I know you will is a problem and don't touch talk you even stand next to my girlfriend ok especially when you are dating my sister I know you I can see through you ,you want my sister to get hurt you want my girlfriend"Logan said thinking all worng

"Woah woah woah nooooo I don't want your girlfriend ok I hugged her she is a fan and  love her for that only that with out fans we wouldn't be where we are now and I would never want Taylor to get hurt I love and care about her she is apart of my world and id do anything for her and protect her no matter what happens"I said correcting his thinking

"Just stay away from my girlfriend ok and don't think you and Taylor are going to last long and just don't tell her about this talk ok or you will be gone"Logan gave me a fake smile

Ok I thought maybe he wouldn't like me at first cause im dating his little sister but no he actually hates me how could he think I want his girlfriend she is simply a fan nothing more but im want to tell Taylor then again I feel I shouldn't cause I don't think she would believe me because its her brother and if she did I wouldn't want to cause anymore drama anyways I hope Michael is doing ok though

-Amber house*Michaels p.o.v*-

Amber said she isn't really accepted by her parents in her style as in her clothes hair and everything on the out side of her body also her music taste so she doesn't tell them much about herself on the inside cause she believes in things as ok when they believe it is horrible or wrong or stupid so I have this wild feeling they wont like me but im not scared I know this has to happen so why not now

"Ok listen don't feel bad if they think youre weird or don't like you okay because ive told you about how they are"Amber warned me

"Ill be fine if you haven't seen 5 seconds of summers twitter comments we are all use to people not liking us especially me"I pointed out

"Well ok its just my mom and stepdad I guess Areea went back to her modeling thing so its going to be a little awkward too"Amber said walking it

Ok this is it don't look nervous

"Mom Im here"Amber looked around every corner

"Hey Oh you brought your boyfriend im Jane this is Randall"Jane smiled

They seem different from Amber her dad has piercings tattoos and spikey hair so he isn't to far off from Amber but she isn't close to him so I guess its her moms opinion she cares about most she seems pretty normal she has blonde hair and is short and nothing really noticeable on her so I guess that's why she doesn't like Ambers style but as thoughts rush through my mind I manage to say hi

"Hi Jane and Randall"I nodded a little

"Well ive planned for Taylors parents and Elissias parents and everyone else of course to go out and eat around 7:00 so you are free to go where ever for the next 4 hours or you can stay here I don't care"Jane said walking off

Well that was quicker than I thought maybe I was just over thinking it

"HEY AMBER I NEED TO TALK TO YOU"Jane yelled from the other room

"OK Uhm you can sit on the couch or go up to my room its the first left don't be freaked out by the many pictures of you and other famous people"Amber said like a casually thing walking away

I walked upstairs to find maybe a few pictures of me at most 20 but nooo her walls were filled completely one and a half walls alone just for 5sos and 1D this is uhm cute but weird like hundreds of the boys were staring at me so like any other person I posted a picture of it with a caption Ambers walls in her room this is only one wall this is weird are all of the people in the 5sosfam like this and within seconds I got replies of aw cute but mostly yes well that is..interesting

"MICHAEEELLL"Amber yelled walking in the room

"What"I acted like I didn't know what she was yelling for

"I AM SO EMBARRASSED"Amber shook her head

"Haha so I guess you seen the picture tweet and instagram picture"I laughed

"Yeah and my phone blew up with tweets so that's a hint too"She said like she was really upset even though she wasn't

"Haha its ok its cute and...disturbing"I laughed showing a half smile

"Its ok"Amber said sitting on the bed

"What uhm what did your parents say"I hesitated to ask

"Oh well my mom said she thinks you are really nice and she is sorry she gives me a hard time in the way I am but she still doesn't except she said she likes anyone who makes me happy she also said this is probably the happiest she has seen me in a long time and I hugged her which I don't do often"Amber smiled and I watched her eyes light up

"So is there anywhere we could go near by while we wait on Taylor and Calum"I asked standing up

"Yeah there is a pond behind my house with a park and trail"Amber said standing up getting her phone

-Taylors house *Taylors p.o.v*-

Well everyone seems happy I scared for nothing haha but Amber texted me saying we are having dinner at 7 but we can do whatever until then so meet us outside when you are done so we aren't stuck here all day but I decided to call Elissia to tell her what we are doing ya know she is knows we aren't dead or something

*ring ring rin-*

"Hello"Elissia answered

"Hey im guessing Ashton told you we called earlier"I said

"Yeah are you guys there howd it go"She asked

"We are getting ready to go but it went good I guess Amber is ok too she didn't seem sad in her text or anything and we seen your mom she loved them she said hi by the way and we are all having dinner out at 7 so Amber Michael me and Calum are going to hang out until then I guess should them around and stuff"I explained

"Cool cool"Elissia sounded distracted

"Oh and my brothers girlfriend Lila is a fan I didn't even know he had a girlfriend and Calum and Logan are becoming friends I guess"I said making her undistracted

"Oooo that's cool did she like freak out"She asked

"No but she waited until we was introduced to my parents and brother but she was about to cry"I visioned it from early

"Haha well Ashton is waving me over to a puppy we are at the pet store so imam go"Elissia sounded distracted again

"Ok byeeee"That was always my bye

"BYEEEEE"Hers too

"Uhm Taylor can I talk to you"Logan asked poking his head around to the room I was in

"Uhm yeah I guess"I said standing up

"I don't want to hurt you or anything but Calum said he really like Lila he thinks she is prettier than you they are outside right now talking about how she found out about them and stuff I am just telling you because your my sister and I told him not to like her or date her but he yelled at me and said he can do whatever"Logan lied

I wanted to believe him he is my brother but as much as I thought about the more it sounded fake I mean she is a fan of course he is going to talk to her but she does seem like Calums type I guess she is really preppy and like a cheerleader but one that's really trying to hard like really annoyingly hyper I am hyper too but she is cheerleader hyper that does random cheerleader moves and does the wooo noise the opposite of me and Calum says im his tpe so I don't think he would like her like dating wise so I decided to not believe him

"Im sorry I know your my brother but I don't believe you I know that's not Calum"I shook my head and asked him if he was ready and I really didn't want Logan and Lila to come so I was hoping they wouldn't ask to

"Yeah im ready do you guys want to come"Calum asked looking at Logan and Lila

Really Calum really did you just do that please say no

"Uhm no we are going out by the lake but we wouldn't be at dinner so bye I guess"Logan standed by Lila

"Ok bye then"I looked at him weirdly






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