Totally Unexpected

Caroline Gilbert has never been a big fan of Justin Bieber but when her friend Bella Forbes convinces her to go with her to a meet and greet with Justin. Justin starts to fall for her because shes not like most girls that always tell him what he wants to hear instead she tells him what he needs to hear. And shes not afraid to tell him which makes it all the more interesting for Justin. But soon she finds that somethings are just TOTALLY UNEXPECTED...


3. The Mall Pt.2

I saw a girl wearing a lot of Justin Bieber stuff, a little too much if you ask me. "I'm sorry." she said and walked away. "Call me crazy but I think your boyfriend is in the mall." I said. But when I looked back I didn't see Bella. What am I gonna do? i asked myself. I have a cell phone Duhh. I'll just call her. I called her and she picked up after the third ring. "Hello?" she asked. "Bells where the hell are you?" I asked. "I'm almost to Forever 21. Where are you?" "I'm already at Forever 21." "Oh! I just found out why there's so many people here." she said excitedly. "Maybe because of your boyfriend?" I asked. "How did you know?" She asked suspiciously. I laughed. "Whats so funny?" She asked. "Well the fact that I called him your boyfriend and you just let it go. And I found out because of all the girls freaking out and wearing Justin Bieber Stuff." I said. "Oh," was all she said. "You know what I'm coming to look for you." I said. "Okay. Bye." "Bye." I hung up and started walking around all the girls standing outside of the store. "Excuse me." I said to some girls that were in my way. I crashed into someone for the second time today. "Seriously." I said annoyed. "I'm so sorry." the person whispered. "It's okay. And why are you whispering?" I asked but when I looked up I realized why he was whispering. It was none other than Justin Bieber himself. "Oh I see why you were whispering." i said. "Yea." he said nodding. "Well good luck with all of," i motioned around," this." I started walking away. "Wait." he said grabbing my arm. "Get your hand off of my arm now." I said irritated. "I'm sorry," he said letting go quickly. "So what do you want?" I asked. "Can help me get out of here? Please." he said looking at me with puppy dog eyes. "Don't do that and I'll help you." I said. He stopped,"Deal." We walked to the girls restroom. I walked inside but he didn't follow. "Come on." I said. "That's the girls restroom I can't go in there." he said. "Do you want me to help you or not?" I asked. "Fine."


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