Totally Unexpected

Caroline Gilbert has never been a big fan of Justin Bieber but when her friend Bella Forbes convinces her to go with her to a meet and greet with Justin. Justin starts to fall for her because shes not like most girls that always tell him what he wants to hear instead she tells him what he needs to hear. And shes not afraid to tell him which makes it all the more interesting for Justin. But soon she finds that somethings are just TOTALLY UNEXPECTED...


4. Disguise Time:)

 We walked into a stall and I locked it behind me. "What are you going to do?" he asked. "Don't worry I'm not going to try to rape you." I said. "It's not called rape if I like it." he said winking at me. "Ughh I am this close to not helping you." I said holding my fingers out almost touching. "Alright Alright I'm sorry." he said laughing. "Its not funny. Take off your hat." I said. He took it off. "Seriously what are you going to do?"  he asked. "I'm going to turn you into a girl." I said unclipping my extensions. "Wait. What?" he said. "You heard me." I said getting on the toilet being super careful not to fall. "And hold still. Because I don't want to fall." I said. "Don't worry. I will catch you if you fall." He sang the last part. "Ohh cute...not." I said. "Do you have a problem with me?" he asked. "Nope I just don't like you." I said clipping in the last extension. "Why?" he asked. "Wel-" I was getting off of the toilet when my foot got stuck and I ended up falling on top of him. "Oops Sorry." I said. He was just staring at me. "Ummh are you okay?" I asked. "Has anyone ever told you that your beautiful?" he asked. "How hard did you hit your head?" I asked getting off of him and helping him up. "I'm fine." he said. "Okay here put on your hat." I said. He put it on,"So do I look like a girl?" he asked. I laughed, "Yea a flat chested girl." I said. I pulled out a bra from my purse. "Here put this on." I said handing him the bra. "Ummh can I ask?" "So I carry an extra bra in my purse just in case something happens to the one i'm wearing. Oh and here." I said handing him two pairs of socks that I always carried for the same reason I carried an extra bra. "Okay." he said taking of his jacket and his shirt. I turned around, "Can you warn me before you start getting naked?" I asked. "Maybe next time. Alright you can turn around now." he said. I turned around and burst out laughing. "Stop why are you laughing?" he asked. "You look like a girl, which I totally find funny." I said still laughing. "Alright can we go now?" he asked. "Sure." I unlocked the door and we walked out. I saw some girls wearing really slutty dresses looking at us weirdly. "What are you looking at?" I asked. They gave me a disgusted look and turned back to the mirror. "So where do you think he is?" One of them asked the other. "I don't know but we better find him soon. I'm getting kind of tired." I was just going to assume they were talking about Justin who might I add was just standing there checking them out. "Lets go." I said slapping his arm. "Ow." "Sorry." We walked out of there until I found one of the exits that almost nobody used. "Lets go this way." I said. We walked outside and my phone started ringing. "Hello?" I said into the phone. "Caroline where are you?" Bella asked sounding worried. "I'm outside. Through the exit we always take." I said. "Okay be there in a sec." When Bella came outside and found me she gave me a big hug, "Oh My Gosh!" she screamed. "Whats wrong?" I asked. "Its just...."


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