My Sister's Boyfriend's Best Friend ~A Niall Horan FAn-Fic

Layla Calder is an 18 year young british girl living with her sister and four best friends in Los Angles, California. Her 20 year young sister Eleanor is dating Louis Tomlinson of One Direction which is ironic because both Ele and her are total directioners. she loves Niall. A Lot. So what will happen considering Niall develops eyes for Layla too. Read on in My Sister's Boyfriend's Best friend ~ A Niall Horan Fanfic~


4. Chapter Four: The Concert

'I am waking you up, this will be my wake up song for you my lovee

here is the song I will sing for you in the morninig my beautiful girl

you are wonderful

it's time to wake up my love!'

I take back always waking up to Ellie Goulding. It seems that just won't  happen anymore. I roll over in my bed and come face-to-face with an extremely handsome face. "Why good morning to you too Mr.Horan. Quick question When did you get in and why are you in my bed...?" " Well my sweet girl, Louis made me another copy of the house key, i let myself in, said hi to your sister and came in here. i've been here for about 10 mins." Ok. Now that thats settled. I look Niall dead in the eyes, smile sweetly, then push him off the bed. "um...OW!" "Sorry babe but I ned a showa!!" "How about I-" "No Niall" I cut him off. before he can say anything, i grab my phone and a towel before I run into my bathroom and lock the door. With people bothering me during my showers the last two days, I've decided it's best to lock the door. I play my playlist, do what i need to do. Ya know, THE USUAL!! 60 mins later i get out and see I got a text. It's from Niall.

to: Layla

From:Niall ;) <3:

I have front row tickets and backstage passes for you and Ele. The show starts at 7. See ya there babe

To:Niall ;) <3


Alright babe :) xx can't wait xxxxox

 I Check the time and it is already1 pm. "damn, I slept late.." I mumble to myself. So I have until 5:00 to get ready so I can still get into my seat at the venue on time. I walk over to my wardrobe and begin to get ready. "ELEANOR! GET YOUR PRETTY LITTLE ARSE IN MY ROOM NOW! BECAUSE I KNOW YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR OUTFIT BUT HAVEN'T PUT IT ON, BRING IT IN MY ROOM!!" I yell "KAY!! BE RIGHT THERE!" She arrives in two minutes. " Alright young padawan, what do you want?" "Well my dear sister, pick out my outfit." I turn around, and when I feel a tap on my shoulder, I look at the outfit. She picked layed out a 1D muscle tank, blue shorts, a blue Neff beanie, blue canvas sneakers, my silver bow ring, a moustache bracelet, my silver NIALL necklace, and a hope bracelet. I get dressed, let my hair natual and put on the beanie, do my usual make-up, and check the time. By now it is 2:30. Ele go downstairs and eat icecrean while watching PLL (Pretty Little Liars). Next time I check its 5:30. "AH ELE! TIME TO GOOOOOOOO!!! AWAY MY FRESH LITTLE UNICORN CHILD! AWAYYYYYYY!"I scream. "How am I even related to you..." I hear Ele mumble under her breath. " Well Eleanor Jane my darling you see, Mom and Da-" "OKAY LAY I GET IT I GET IT I GET IT!" She screams running out the door. We walk to the venue and take our seats. "ONE DIRECTION IN10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1.." "AHHHHHHHH" Everyone is screaming for the boys. Niall finds me and we have a moment. BANG BANG *lights out*



Yes yes I know "OH MY GOD SHE GAVE US A CLIFF HANGER AT SUCH A SUSPENSFUL MOMENT!" Yup. i usually hate other people for doing it, but it isn't as much of an OMG moment for the author. Well here ya go chapter four. Sorry it's short. BTW i also have a Movellas and a Quotev if you wanna go check those ot. link in my profile.

 Adios unicorns



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