My Sister's Boyfriend's Best Friend ~A Niall Horan FAn-Fic

Layla Calder is an 18 year young british girl living with her sister and four best friends in Los Angles, California. Her 20 year young sister Eleanor is dating Louis Tomlinson of One Direction which is ironic because both Ele and her are total directioners. she loves Niall. A Lot. So what will happen considering Niall develops eyes for Layla too. Read on in My Sister's Boyfriend's Best friend ~ A Niall Horan Fanfic~


6. Chapter 6: Is Eleanor...?

Ele's POV


"NO LOU!!!" "Babe I have to go. I love you. Now I need to tell you something. if I die, tell our children all about me. The good things and the bad. But most of all, tell them I love them." "But Lou, we don't-" "Yes we do Ele. I love you" *Lou lets go of Ele's hand*

*End of dream*

"HOLY COCK SPIKE!" "Uhh Ele, are you okay?" asks my little sis Layla. I can't tell her about this possible thing going on. " Uhh yeah Lay I'm fine just a bad dream and before you ask, no I don't wan't to talk about it."

She closes her mouth. See i knew she was gonna say that. Mhhmm.

Layla's POV

"Alright Ele here is the deal. Jack and Finn are back. They are the ones who took the boys. We have to go get them. The only way we would be able to get the boys out is if we can..uhhh..fakeseducethetwinsandmakethemthinkwewannabewiththemsowecanknockthemoutandesvapewithniallandlouis........"


"Layla we have been siblings for 18 years. That is the first time I have ever been able to understand you talking so fast. Alright, lets go get Niall and Lou. We can't tell the other three though."

"Lets atleast make note for them Eleanor so the don't think we got kidnapped too"

"Good thinking Lil Sis"


Dear Boys,

We know where Lou and Niall are, and who they're with. We can't take you with us because you would be in more danger than we are. We kknow them and how to deal with the people who have the boys. Wish us luck.

Layla and Ele


"Alright Layla let's go."

*Zayn's POV*

I fell asleep in the waiting room with Layla, Ele, Harry, and Liam. I wake up slowly and look around. Where the hell are the girls???"Uhhh guys. Guys. GUYS WAKE UP." Still nothing. hmm I wonder..."GUYS THE GIRLS GOT KIDNAPPED PROBALY BY THE SAME PEOPLE AS LOU AND NI!!!!!" "ZAYN OH MY JESUS DON'T JOKE LIKE THAT!" Liam shouts now awake with Harry slowly waking up beside him. " Liam I'm not joking. Oh wait here's a note."

Dear Boys,

We know where Lou and Niall are, and who they're with. We can't take you with us because you would be in more danger than we are. We kknow them and how to deal with the people who have the boys. Wish us luck.

Layla and Ele

"Oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap oh crap WTF!!" Harry starts screaming. "We can't loose them guys! What if they get hurt! First I would never be able to forgive myself, then Louis and Niall would never really be able to truly for give us! Lou was going to purpose to Ele at the next concert and Niall finally found his princess i mean for christs sakes why did the four of them have to go!!" Harry screams then brakes down into sobs. Liam and I just stand there dumbfounded untill Li bends down and begins to whisper comforting things to him. I then start to think. We are 3/5 of One Direction. We can get anything we want. We could track Louis, Niall, Eleanor, and Layla's sim card to find them. "Guys I have an idea on how we can get all four back." Both Harry and Liam look at me with hopeful eyes. We contact Layla's phone service company and get into tech services. we talk to the guy unil we find Layla at a gas station.

Layla's POV

We arrive at the warehouse and sneak in the back. We pull out our bag, change into our lingerie, put our clothes and phones in the back, then leave the bag by the door to get on the way out. We walk into the room we know everyone is in. I see Niall's eyes go wide. I wink at him then out my finger to my lips to signal him to be quiet. Ele does the same but to Louis. We both sowly creep up on Jack and finn, grab their shoulders and turn them to face us. They look us up and down then Ele and i slowly lean in towards their lips. When their eys are closed we knee them in their jingle bells, elbow them in the face, and beotch slap them. We pull out our siccors, cut out the guys, run to the back, grab the bags, and then hop in the car with the bags to escape. We drive off and pull into the first gas station we see. this is where we throw our sweats and hoodies on over the other umm, clothing per say. I step out of the car and am engulfed into a hug. My hoodie starts to get wet too. That is when I realize while I'm crying, Niall is sobbing his heart out.

"Hey hey hey. Babe its okay, everything is okay." I reasure him

"I-I-I T-th-th-thought I-I'd l-lost my p-p-p-pr-rincess-s-s." Niall struggles to get out between sobs.

That is when I Realize that while I was trying to figure out  how to save him, he was wondering if he would live or die, If I would be okay, something even more terrible than that could happen.

"Niall, babe, I am so so so so so so sorry that this happened. I should've found a way to prevent this. Now it's all over the tabloids, It's gonna be a huge deal. Oh My God what will managment think??!?! What if they make us brake up?!?!"

"Alright Layla calm down it wasn't your fault. As for e tabloids, I can deal with them, as for managment, I can deal with them too. Just know I will always love you baby."







I know I'm a terrible person. Its just I didn't have a computer for a while and I had wrter's block and yeah. But it is 6 in the morning and I stayed up just to finish and update for you. The next chapter gets INTRESTINGGGG!! Okay well I will talk to you guys next time.


Adios Unicorns


P.S. I am garenteed a computer for the next two weeks so EXTRA UPDATES!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!


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