teenage runaway

"stay" he muttered under his own breath. i got closer to him and placed my hand onto his bare chest.
"b-but i need to go back home and i-" before i could finish he crashed his lips onto mine and placed his hands onto my my hips.
"will you stay now?" he asked.


2. Two


 I looked up at the figure. It was Harry. I nodded. I was star struck. Harry Styles, wanted to dance with me? He placed his hands on my waist. Throughout the dance, I had to move them up a couple times,  but better than nothing right? 


 As we walked out off the dance floor I realized, I can't have a crush on my, cousin? I walked up to Louis and tapped his shoulder. He spun around. "You guys aren't actually my cousins, right?" I asked. He chuckled. "No Love, we aren't but, I heard Harry has a thing for brunettes."  He said laughing. I blushed. My feet were suddenly so, interesting. Lou patted my back. "Stay away from him. He's only trouble" 


I wished I had listened


sorry short chapter I don't have a computer so.. Um I'm the co-author, Cheycheyy Styles. Um.. Yeahh. Hope you enjoy:) 

--Cheycheyy Styles

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