teenage runaway

"stay" he muttered under his own breath. i got closer to him and placed my hand onto his bare chest.
"b-but i need to go back home and i-" before i could finish he crashed his lips onto mine and placed his hands onto my my hips.
"will you stay now?" he asked.


3. three

the next day i woke up at my uncles place and stood up and took a look around the room. i saw Niall. we had become really close since last night and basically became best friends. 

"wake up sleepy head" i said, shaking niall.

"go bother Louis." he chuckled, and i did.

"wake up louis" i whispered, trying not to wake up harry or zayn, who were in the same room. suddenly, he stopped breathing. his chest stopped moving and i couldn't hear him exhale."louis?" i shook him. nothing. "louis? louis?!" i began to tear up. 

"ahhhhhhh!!!!!" Louis screamed, making me scream and jump back.

"god Louis, you gave me a heart attack!" i clutched my chest.

"good. now you know not to bother a sleeping Louis" he laughed, getting up and scuffing up my hair.



i went into me and Niall's room and changed. i wore a black tank top and some jean shorts, as well as put my hair in a messy bun. i went downstairs and had three pancakes for breakfast.

"so you guys wanna go to the lake today?" asked Zayn

"that sounds great!" i exclaimed, as Liam, Louis, and Niall agreed.

"hey, wheres curly?" asked Liam.

"i think he's still asleep" replied Niall. we all heard someone come downstairs, it was obviously Harry.

"g'morning hazz" said Louis. Harry mumbled to something and passed the boys.

"don't ruin those beautiful locks of yours" he whispered into my ears as he passed me, sitting down beside me with a smirk painted on his face and glaring at me with those beautiful green eyes that made me melt when i saw them and what am i thinking?! Louis said to stay away from him. No, i think i have a crush on him. no, i can't, but he's so attractive and gahhh. and what did he mean by 'don't ruin those beautiful locks'?



we got to the waterpark and all of us ran towards the water slides. we all went into two groups; me, Niall, and Harry, and Liam, Louis, and Zayn. we got into the tubes and we went down the enormous slide. 

"ahh!" i screamed.

"what's wrong?" Niall laughed.

"the...water is freezing!!!" i exclaimed.

"thats what we get for coming at 10 am!!!" chuckled Harry. the rest of the day was amazing and then we sadly went home. we piled onto the couch to watch "Identity Theif" and i left  to make popcorn. as i waited for the popcorn to pop, i felt a pair of hands snake around my waist.

"hello" said Harry.

"hi" i replied. then i turned around and stared at him and he did the same back. all of a sudden, i crashed my lips onto his.




A/N: dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn XD so who likes the story so far? and what do you guys think Louis meant by "he's only trouble"???



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