teenage runaway

"stay" he muttered under his own breath. i got closer to him and placed my hand onto his bare chest.
"b-but i need to go back home and i-" before i could finish he crashed his lips onto mine and placed his hands onto my my hips.
"will you stay now?" he asked.


1. one

i woke up feeling a pit in my stomach. this is honestly probably the only day i will ever hate. i have been flown all the way to london to see my aunt marry some rich guy. just because my dad`s sister is getting married doesn't mean i have to go to the wedding. i honestly dont know why im here. well when we got to my aunt`s house, i was literally dragged into a room filled with makeup, hair products and dresses. i was shoved a purple dress and pushed into a bathroom. a few seconds later, the door opened and a pair of plum heels flew at my face.

"why not?" i said to myself. i put on the two clothing items and stepped out of the bathroom.

i walked over to the hair table and used the already plugged in flat iron and straightened my hair, then went over to the makeup table. i put on some plum to black blended eyeshadow and mascara with winged eyeliner. i put on some coral baby lips and went into the room labeled; "Maria and Family". well, thats where i go. i opened the door and stepped in. all my family was there; my mum, dad, younger brother, grandparents from both sides, my aunt and uncle from my mum's side and of course, my aunt Maria. she came over to me and placed her hands on my upper arms.

"my god you are even more gorgeous in real life. stunning, isn't she?" asked my aunt. everyone slowly nodded.

"well, lets get to the wedding!" my grandpa exclaimed as we all went to the ceremony.



when i walked in, i was shocked to see who my aunt was marrying; Simon Cowell. yes, i mean THE Simon Cowell. i sat down beside my younger 13 year old brother and was right beside the aisle. then the day got even better, i saw THE Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik sitting down right across from me. 

"if they call Simon Cowell their uncle, that means One Direction will be related to me in an hour or two. oh my god..." i thought to myself.

"so you're the Melissa Uncle Si and Auntie Maria were talking about, well, hi there cousin!" someone said to me. shit, did i say that all out loud.

"hi cousin...Niall Horan?!" i was shocked to say that. no poop i was. Niall Horan was going to be my cousin today. so were his bandmates.

"well thats me!" he laughed. "you're funny" he smiled. 

"thanks, Niall, well, you're funny, and a amazing singer." i smiled back.

"so you're a fan?" he asked.

"you betcha." 

"well the ceremony`s starting," i began. "see you at the reception?" i asked. 

"meet me at the cheese platters" he giggled.

"okay." i smile.



at the reception, i met up with Niall, and he brought along Liam, Zayn, and Louis.

"hi guys! i'm Melissa, and i guess i'm your cousin now!" i smiled.

"not just a cousin, a drop dead gorgeous one" Louis exclaimed. i blushed.

"oh stop it you" i giggled.

"well its nice to meet you, im-"

"Zayn Malik." i giggled.

"i see we have a directioner here" Zayn smiled.

"i'm going to go congratulate my aunt and new uncle. see you guys around!" i smiled. i went to congratulate them, but then my journey got delayed. 

"time for the couples slow dance!" the announcer said, and i turned around to leave, and ran into someone.

"crap!" i muttered.

"oh god i'm so sorry!" said a deep voice.

"its okay." i said, walking away

"wait!" they said before i left.

"yes?" i ask facing them.

"may i have this dance?"





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