teenage runaway

"stay" he muttered under his own breath. i got closer to him and placed my hand onto his bare chest.
"b-but i need to go back home and i-" before i could finish he crashed his lips onto mine and placed his hands onto my my hips.
"will you stay now?" he asked.


4. four

Melissa's P.O.V.

i suddenly realized i kissed the only person to not get too close with, therefore pulling apart my bare pink lips from his deep light red ones. the cold air suddenly freezing my lips, craving more of his kiss. no. louis told me to stay away from him. he just chuckled and walked away. the rest of the night i zoned out if everything and didn't focus. i could only think about harry.damn. why do i always fall for people i'm told to stay away from. natural instinct i guess? first i dated a guy who dealt with drugs, then a 17 year old underaged achoholic, and now harry. i don't even know why louis said he was so bad. its not likes he's a bad guy. i turned to louis.


"lou?" i ask. his head snaps towards my direction.

"yes?" he asked.

"can i ask you something? privately?" i asked, again, as he nodded, and lead me to me and niall's room.

"shoot" he said, nodding his head forward.

"why did you say to stay away from harry?" i ask. his face looked worried immediately.

"i can't tell you much, but all i can say is that he does some bad things and they can harm you, we don't want that happening again." he said, a worried look in his eyes.

"a-again?" i ask.

"another girl was like you. fell in love with harry, joined him in his bad habits, then got killed" he said, a tear escaping his eye. "listen, just be safe and don't get too into him. he's too much trouble" louis stated before exiting the door. 

"you sure i cant? because i may or may not have kinda kissed him." i stated, louis turning around, eyes going wide.

"you-you kissed him?" he asked, looking at me as if i had just said i committed to a crime.

"yes- it was tempting!"

"im sorry" he said, hugging me.


"good luck"

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