teenage runaway

"stay" he muttered under his own breath. i got closer to him and placed my hand onto his bare chest.
"b-but i need to go back home and i-" before i could finish he crashed his lips onto mine and placed his hands onto my my hips.
"will you stay now?" he asked.


5. five

Melissa's Point of View



 "What do you mean by good luck?" I said frightened. I swear I've never been so scared in my life. 

 "Get some rest, Mel. You'll need it" He said shutting the door. 

 "Stop being so damn confusing" I huffed. I heard him chuckle and walked away. Whatever Harry's doing couldn't be that bad. Right? I walked out of Niall's room -confused as hell- and into mine. I rested my head on my pillow. 


 He's exaggerating. This is all just a joke. Harry's a great guy. But what if he's not? Well. I'm screwed. I closed my eyes and let the sleep overwhelm me. 


 In the morning I woke up and my head was pounding. I'm not really sure why though, I hadn't been drinking. I quickly remembered what Louis had said. I'm sorry. All I know is, that was a weird conversation last night. I wiped the sleep out of my eyes, and headed down stairs. "Styles. Butt. Here. Now." I demanded. He smirked, but followed my orders. "Yes captain Mel" He said saluting me. I grabbed his wrist and brought him into the living room and closed the two sliding doors.

"What so bad about you? Why doesn't Louis want me to date you? And, are you on any drugs?" His face went pale. He started to get up. I sat him back down.

"I want answers Harry" I said. His faced soon gained more color. 

"I can't answer all of those questions..." he trailed off. I rolled my eyes. What is with these boys? There all so confusing. 

"Then answer the first two." He sighed and nodded. He shifted his weight, and turned towards me. 

"I guess I'm not the most faithful person. I'm just trouble. There's no other way to explain it," He said biting his lip. 

"Why doesn't Lou want me to date you?" I asked. "Why does he care so much?"

"Cause that's Louis. Like I said, I'm trouble." he got up and walked away.

"If I was Louis. I wouldn't want you to date me either." He finally left the room. I was still confused. "But what makes you trouble" I muttered as the sliding doors opened and shut again. 

Rule One; Stay. Away. From. Styles.


Sorta short chapterrr. Sorry. Did I ever tell you I like excess letterrrrrssss? Welll Nowww youuu knoww:) Bye. 


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