One Direction Imagines :)

My first Movella!!! Imagines about the 5 beautiful boys ;)


1. Watch It!!


Delaney's POV

"Savannah how does this look?" you asked as you tried on a grey low cut tank and white shorts with the Union Jack flag on the right butt pocket. "I love it! Now all you need is a pair of red Converse!"  All you could think of were those beautiful hazel eyes that you were going to see in person. "Delaney? Are you there?" Savannah says as she is waving her hand in front of your face. "Oh yeah sorry." I paid for my new outfit with the debit card dad gave me. "Hey Savannah where do you want to go next?"  "Umm, could we go to Claire's and get some cutesy stuff then to a craft store to make signs?"  "Yeah. Sounds perfect!" I was texting my dad letting him know we only had a couple of stops to make before we went back to the hotel room when someone bumped into me and made me fall on the ground and drop my phone. "Hey! Watch it bro!"  "Oh, uh s-sorry."  

Harry's POV


She was beautiful. Her legs were tan and didn't seem to stop for miles. "I'm so sorry. I'm Harry." She looked at me stunned. Oh great. She was one of them. The crazy obsessed fan. I helped her up. She was wearing some nice short shorts, grey converse, and a see-through black tank top with a bright orange bra type thing that matched her shorts. "Hi  I-I'm Delaney." I stood there. I couldn't stop myself from staring. "Um Harry... My eyes are up here." she said as she lifted my head up. "Sorry. Let me help you." When we had collided she had dropped her things. "Thanks." "No problem. It's my fault I didn't see you. Where are you guys going next I'll pay?" I was going to do ANYTHING to help her. "Umm we were going to Claire's to get some things for a concert."  "Would it happen to be my concert?"  "Actually yes. We won front row tickets."  "Since I feel horrible, how about I let you guys have the VIP treatment?"  "Thanks!! oh and this is Savannah." "Hello!"

Delaney's POV


I can not believe I just met Harry Styles! And he invited us to be VIP'S!!! Could this day possibly get any better? Turns out, it can! After we were done shopping at Claire's and the craft store Harry met us at the hotel room and we hung out until he had to go.  

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