One Direction Imagines :)

My first Movella!!! Imagines about the 5 beautiful boys ;)


4. Coffee Date

Savannah's POV


"Ok. SPILL!"

"Uhh. What do you mean?"

"What did you and Harry do?"

 "I don't KISS and tell." She emphasized the word kiss.

"What? You kissed Harry?"


To: Harry Styles

You and Delaney kissed?!?



From: Harry Styles

Uh yeah aha

Harry xx


"Delaney! That is amazing! Was it a good kiss?"

"Um, it was...passionate. He grabbed my butt. A little aggressive too. He bit my lip the second time."

"Oooo!! He likes you!"

"No. I don't think so.... Well, maybe... I don't know!"


Delaney's POV


Could Harry like me? But he is the flirt. I'm sure he is like this with all girls. Right? I mean I like him. But the kiss. That wasn't a normal kiss. I don't think. I mean what do I know? That was my first kiss. Huh. Harry Styles was my first kiss. That's a story to tell. My phone buzzed again. "2 new messages; Harry :), Alesia :D"


From: Alesia :D

Hey girly! What room are you in?



To: Alesia :D

Uhh 314. Why?

Delaney ;)


From: Alesia :D

Open the door girl!



From: Harry :)

Hey babe. Do you and Savannah want to go to lunch with Me, Niall and Li?

Harry xx


To: Harry :)

I thought you would never ask :) My friend Alesia is here, Can she come?

Delaney ;)


From: Harry :)

Sure love

Harry xx


I heard a knock on the door a few minutes later. "Oh my God! Alesia!!!! What are you doing here?" "Well my dad got me tickets to the concert and you mentioned you were staying in this hotel so, I got a room. It's right across the hall too!" "Oh hey Savannah! This is Alesia." "Oh hey nice to meet you Alesia. Where are you staying?" "Right across from you actually." Alesia doesn't know that we have met the boys. When she finds out we are going to lunch with Harry, Niall, and Liam, she will freak out! After we talked for a couple of hours, Alesia went back to her room. "Hey Savannah?" "Yeah?" "Harry asked if we would go to lunch with him, Niall, and Liam. We will tell go to Starbucks to get some coffee." "Ok. That works for me. Is it ok if I take a shower first?" "Oh yeah."

The Next Day...

Alesia came over and we all got ready. I threw my hair up in a messy bun with a pink bow, foundation, gold eye-shadow, mascara, and some tinted lip gloss. I wore a neon yellow bandeau under a white V-neck, daisy dukes, and my Justin boots.

From: Harry :)

Hey love. We are at Starbucks. How much longer?

Harry xx


To: Harry :)

Yeah babe. We are walking out of the hotel.

Delaney ;)


Harry's POV


Niall, Liam, and I got my coffee and we waited for Delaney, Savannah, and Alesia. I think Niall and Savannah are hitting it off. Delaney and I aren't bad either. The girls arrive and I can't take my eyes off of Delaney. I can see where the bright yellow thing stops underneath her breasts, the shorts I love. When she walks her hips. Oh man her hips are amazing. I catch Liam staring at Alesia. I have never seen him look at a girl like that before. She was cute. I have to admit.


Alesia's POV


OMG no way! I just met Liam Payne, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles! Could this day get any better? My phone fell off the table and Liam picked it up. I forgot that he was my background. "Hey! That's me!" Can you say embarrassing? "Oh uh yeah it is. What are you doing with my phone?" "You want my number right?" Liam Payne is putting his number in my phone! MY PHONE!!! I can't believe it!

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