one love

Maggie Ann is 16 years old dreaming on a wishing star that one wish changed everything and her life forever !!!!! this might be long


6. the shooting

today is my birthday .... The best wish I would want to have is my mom back her for my 19 birthday its been to long without her I miss her . my dad came in my room sinning happy birthday Maggie Anna Hoarn I smiled he hugged me and said he had to go to work at the recording studio I go to school . I got ready to school today is December 14 my birthday I ran to school . my dad said he would pick me up from school ... the last hour of school went by fast I got a lot of bday wishes . i waited for a hour at school waiting for my dad he promised I walked home when I got home .. the worst happened when I got close down my house a amblunce went close towards my house I ran ablunce where at my house  and cops and a firefighter . I ran into my house and there I found my dad dead on my floor I screamed and stared to cry someone shot my dad I knew my dad was dead . As the cops pulled me away from him and they put him on the stroller thing I stared screaming as they covered his face Louis pulled up and pulled me in his arm and we stared to cry . Ps. Louis is my goddad me and him went to the hostpitial . I cryed and walked around the hallway where his room is and put my head on the door and cryed Louis helled me in his arms and said it was ok . I told myself this was the worst birthday ever . The doc came in and said Hoarn I sat up they said he isn't gonna live but you can say your last goodbyes . I walked in and he looked like he was already an angle I hugged him and told him goodbye

he told me he  loved me and he would watch me in heaven and the boys hugged him and left me and my dad alone and then he looked at my face and said find someone speaial and never let go I told him I want and then he said he could already see the angles and they where calling him then he said goodbye Maggie and then the monter went off and the I said goodbye daddy then I started crying . Then I walked out and went to Louis house where my best friend lives .              so how did you like chp 6 I know you probably hate it anyway had to satyy my last goodbyes to my aunt this moring sence she lives and iwoa and shes prego with a girl and she a has a daughter that is 9 and is my cousin but they live 17 hrs away from me and I haven't seen them for 2 years and I had a great weekand staying with them I balled out my eyes when they left this afternoon around 6:00 :(                                                                                                                                                                 

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