one love

Maggie Ann is 16 years old dreaming on a wishing star that one wish changed everything and her life forever !!!!! this might be long


4. The funeral

2 days later i woke up and got on my phone and got on twitter and got 2000 messages from sweet fans saying prayers for Maggie and Niall stuf i smilled my dad walked in and he said to get ready i did today is my moms furneal so i took a shower and dryed my hair and curled my pretty blonde hair and but it in a pony tale then got out my black dress and heels and but some make up and then my dad brought me a box of stuf and said this is what your mom told me to give to your before she dided he left out my room i looked in the box i found a letter that said Maggie Ann  i opend it said Dear Maggie , sence the day you were boring you have been a mirical /blessing i love you and e ver sence you have been growing up i have enjoyed rasing you i hope your future is reat   just rember i love you ,mom i stared to cry and looked more in the box there was a letter that said who will marry Maggie Ann i smiled i looked more in the box there was pics of me and her i smiled and stared to cry i put the box  down and wiped my tears as my dad knocked on the  door and said its time to go Maggie when we got to the church beach it was fogy me and my dad walked in th place was beautiful i walked around my moms castic and there was pics of her i stard to cry she looked so peaceful i stared to cry my dads friend liams son Ted put hes hand on my shoulder and said she looks so peace ful i know i have known ted sence we were babaies we are kiddia dating me ted and sarah all of  our dads are in one direction .  after the ceromory they buried her and i stand on the beach by  our house and wachted the waves as my hair blew .

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