one love

Maggie Ann is 16 years old dreaming on a wishing star that one wish changed everything and her life forever !!!!! this might be long


7. moving in

today I am moving in with Louis and his family and Harry Liam and Zayn are helping Louis has a spear bedroom so i am going to stay there with his daughter and his wife Eleanor . before we moved in and took all the stuff from my old house we pantied my room a pink color then put some lettering that said dream with some lights ....... after we got all the stuf from my old stuff all of my mom and dads stuff and put all the dishes and couches and my parents stuff  in the attic .when we were done I put all of my stuff up and made my bed and put stuff on my dresser and put my tv in and then made my bathroom up .... then I got in bed then went to sleep .

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