one love

Maggie Ann is 16 years old dreaming on a wishing star that one wish changed everything and her life forever !!!!! this might be long


3. lossing my mom

its been 7 hours sence the wreaked happened me and  my dad are not sleppy its 11:00 at night my and we haven't got any news about my mom my dad fell asleep i walked around and walked  around the wating room until i stoped and sat bye my dad and stared to cry my dad patted my backand sayed its ok its all to the doctor my fault know its not my dad said it is i said i made a wish because she yelled at me and i didn't mean it !! its ok Maggie its not your fault sweetie i snifted and got up and they said Hoarn family me and my dad ran to the doctor i am sorry to tell yall this Elise will not make it yall can say yalls last goodbyes i stared to cry and hugged my dad he stared to cry to i ran to my moms room crying with my dad following me i made it to her room she was looking up i ran to her bed i  huggedher  and said mom   Maggie Ann its ok  ilove you baby gir she said l i love you to then my dad hugged my mom and said goodbye Elise he kissed her and then my mom whispered something to him  then we all hugged until the mometer went bep bep beeeeeeeep i stared to cryt hen the doctor came and pulled the cover over her then my dad and i went home then he tucked me in and  left and said i love you theni fell asleep in tears .

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