one love

Maggie Ann is 16 years old dreaming on a wishing star that one wish changed everything and her life forever !!!!! this might be long



ted came over the next day I heard a knock on the door and I answerd it and it was ted hey I said he walked in and we went to my room and sat on my bed talking and then I dropped my phone then me and ted bend down at the same time the we stopped and I looked in his green eyes and then his phone rang and then it had someone with a heart I was like wait and saw I didn't  butt dial him so he answered it and said hey I will be there in a while . I told him who is that he said my dad I knew then right there he was cheeting on me he got up and said I got to go babe I said that's fine he left and gave me a kiss on the cheack and left out of my room and shutted the door and left with me starring at the door and fell back on my bed and stared to cry thinking my one love the only boy I like at carewood high my crush the popular boy at school cheated on me i though that he  loved me. I fell asleep crying lesting to stone heart thinking about ted . The next day I got up and checked my phone it said 3:00PM wow I have never sleep that late I got txt  messeges from ted saying hey babe I ignored them and went down staires ps. Louis and his family are out of town so they told me to keep a eye on house . All day that day ted keep calling and texting I ignored him all day and decided to go to the park I ran up staries took a shower I was lesting to music and mine and teds song came on the song called rewrite this story from smash cast and then I stared to cry in the shower and behind down and balled out crying then got out and got dressed c and got one of my tops that said if ur a bird I am a bird and got some of my chevron white and black leggings and got some of my uggs on and dryed my hair and put it up in a ponytail and put some make up on and grabbed my phone and earphones and my purse walking on the road going to the park and then when  got there I saw ted there with a gril walled up to him and said so this is what u have been doing  then Ted got up and and said Maggie Ann im so sorry I told him not to call me that . look Maggie its not what it looks like . ted said this is not what it looks like u are sitting next to a girl I said having tears down my face . then the girl sad who are u . im Teds girlfriend now ex girlfriend I said cryin and ted said Maggie plz let me explain ted said touching me I said no leave me alone as I ran home with ted running after me I smammed the door on teds face with him sitting his head on the door sitting down I sat down crying on the ground bye the door then fell asleep on the ground bye the door .

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