one love

Maggie Ann is 16 years old dreaming on a wishing star that one wish changed everything and her life forever !!!!! this might be long


5. 2 months later

2  months later : it been 2 months sence my mom died I have missed her terrribael my dad dose to I woke up its June so I wake up late when I woke up  I went down staries in my zebra pjas and my robe and my slepers my dad was down staries on his phone dirking coffe I walked in the kitchen and sat on my dads lap . so your driking coffee yea it keeps me awake . I giggeld . I got up and and got cearl and milk and made me some cearl I ate it then followed some fans on twitter and messed them back . after I got done my dad asked if I wanted to go to my moms grave I said shure then I went to get ready I put on my red dream shirt and some skinny jeans then put on my black converse and did my make up and curled my hair and put withite beanie on and went down staries and waited for my dad and I texted ted we are officaly dating I texted him me : Hey Ted ... TED : HEY ME; HOW ARE YOU TODAY ? Ted ; good my dad came down staries and said ready to go I said yea we left when we got there it was really windy I went to her grave and sat bye it .    A/N HAPPY TAHNKSGIVING EVERYONE !!!

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