Pitch Perfect: Donald Walsh Love Story.


2. ~One~

"Delilah, wake up." I looked up to see my step sister Becca. "Where am I?" I asked looking at her confused. "We are in the taxi, where here at Barden University." "Sorry, I fell asleep, I haven't slept for the past few days." "It's cool." We opened the door and got out. I went to the back of the taxi and grabbed one of the bags that had things that were important for me inside. Becca also grabbed a bag that had her computer and other things of hers inside.. "Hello, welcome to Barden University." A blonde hair girl said.  She continued to talk but Becca and I got distracted by a guy in the back seat of a car singing. I looked at Becca and saw her smile at him. The car drove off.  "Here is your official BU Rape whistle." The girl said.  I grabbed the rape whistle and put it in my mouth and continued to walk. Good thing Beeca and I are sharing a room. We walked till we saw room 243. I opened the door to see two guys. We all looked at each other.  "Hi is this room 243?" I asked. "No, this is room 244." A guy with tanned skin, hipster glasses, and wearing a treblemaker shirt.  "I'm so sorry." I said closing the door. "There's our room." I looked at Becca before opening it. I opened it and saw our bags. After about an hour and a half we were done unpacking. There was a knock on the door. "Hi, it's the campas police hide your winecoolers." Someone said opening the door. I looked up to see my step dad, which was Beccas real dad, Becca and him started talking. I zoned out and looked out the window.  "I'm going to the activities fair." I said. "Yeah, I'm going to go with Delilah." Becca said. We walked down the stairs and went outside. I went to go look around while Becca looked at different groups then what I did.  "Would you like to join our accapella group?" A girl with red hair asked me. "Umm, I don't really sing." "Think about it and help us make our dreams come true to return to the finals." The blonde said while handing me a flier. I took it and said. "I'll think about." I continued to walk. My phone vibrated. I grabbed it out of my pocket to see a text from Becca.    To: Delilah. From: Becca I'm going back to the dorm.    To: Becca  From: Delilah. Ill be there in a little.   I sat with my back against a tree and put my earphones in my ear and put music on.    "Let it whip!" I heard people singing. I took out my earphones and saw a group of guys singing. I looked at a familiar face. Wait, it's that guy from earlier.    That's all I remembered until I passed out. 
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