Louis' Island

This guy gets trapped on an island with One Direction. The songs drive him crazy, and they won't stop annoying him. He goes cannibal, and One Direction has to stay safe. Who will survive?



"ABANDON SHIP!!!" the captain cried. "We're sinking!"

It was frantic. Everyone was running and screaming. "Oh, what about One Direction?" girls shouted. "We have to save them!"

"WHO CARES?" people screamed. "THEY'RE GAY!"

The ship lurched. We were going down. The lights went out. We were trapped, no one could run out on deck, everything was blocked by the debris. But I was scrawny. I managed to get out. There were only half a dozen other people. The boat began to sink. I dived over the edge, along with the other people, and swam hard. There was a turned-up boat. I scrambled onto it and watched people drown in the cold, black water. I don't know how long I was there for, but I ended up falling asleep on it.

I woke up.

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