Lovesick. ♡ (A Christopher Drew Fanfic)

This is a Christofer Drew love story. Read ♥


2. Chapter 1 ♥

I stepped out of the recording studio, grateful that my very first recording was over, and had went well. I wasn't in a band, however, somehow I had landed a solo record deal with Rise Records. So far, I had had several rehearsals, and one recording. I had yet to record anything of my own. Today, I had recorded a cover of a song by Sleeping With Sirens, called Low. We played around with the notes a little, and replaced the few screaming parts with some repetition of lyrics from the song, and voila, there we had it. I walked over to the manager, Reggie, who hadn't removed the headphones from his head yet. "Yo, Reggie!" I yelled, pulling them off. He turned towards me, laughing. "Chill, Kyndall! There's a few people I want you to meet." He grinned at me. So that's why he hadn't just given me the cd yet. Hm. Wonder who he wanted me to meet. "Who?" I asked curiously. "Oh, no one special." He winked. "Seriously Reggie!" I groaned. "They'll be here any second!" He laughed. And as if on cue, the door opened. "REGGEEEEHHHHH!" A familiar voiced yelled. "Kellin!" Reggie yelled back, jumping out of his seat. Kellin...Quinn? I looked up, matching his face with the name. Oh my God. Kellin and Reggie pulled out of their little bro hug thing, and Reggie acknowledged the other two boys in the room. "Vic! Christopher! I'm so glad you guys could make it!" He grinned. "I'd like you to meet my newest client, Kyndall Burch." He smiled, and gestured towards me. My mouth was hanging open, and I was gawking at them. I shook my head, and brought myself back into reality. "I'm Christopher Drew." Christopher laughed. He shook my hand gently, and smiled. "Pleasure to meet you." Vic said, reaching out to take my hand. He brought it to his lips and kissed it gently. I giggled. "Oh. My. God. Reggie! So this is the girl you haven't shut up about for the past month!" Kellin laughed. "How good is she?" He looked up, anticipated. "How about you guys hear for yourselves." Reggie smiled, flicking some switches in front of him. He started playing the song I had just recorded, off of some unseen speaker. I thought they only played through the headphones...guess not. My voice filled the room, mimicking Kellin's own lyrics. He played the song all the way through, until the last drum beats were over. I blushed deeply, as I turned to see their reactions. "What did you think?" Reggie asked. "She's even better than you said, Reg!" Vic said. "I could just marry her voice." Christopher sighed. He laughed a bit after he realized what he said. "I almost like that better than my version." Kellin laughed. "Almost." He winked at me. "Thanks guys!" I giggled lightly. They turned towards me. "Okay, we're singing a duet, and that's FINAL." Vic said firmly, a grin plastered on his face. "That's fine with me." I giggled. Maybe I was giggling too much today. Eh. Doesn't matter. "What about us? Don't we get a turn?" Christopher pouted, gesturing towards himself and Kellin. "Listen, boys, we need a few covers to put out there, before we start putting her out there live. So sing away! You guys are all off for the remainder of the month right? We only need a few." He asked. "Yep." Kellin said, as they all nodded. "Then we can start recording some starting tomorrow, if that's alright with you guys?" He glanced at them questioningly. "That's cool." Christopher said, Vic and Kellin nodded in agreement. "But I wanna do one before we leave." Vic smiled, taking my hand and pulling me into the recording room. He turned to me after we both sat on the stools in front of the microphones. "Whatcha wanna sing?" He asked. "I dunno..." I said, shaking my head sadly. I couldn't even think straight. "How about Airplanes?" I asked. "I actually really like that song." He laughed. He nodded towards Reggie. The music played, and we fell into harmony. Our voices met somewhere in the middle, colliding beautifully with one another. Whenever we were done, he stared at me, grinning widely. "What?" I asked, blushing a bit. "You're so good!" He laughed, pulling me up by my hand. We walked out. "That was really amazing." Kellin smiled. "It really was." Christopher said. "Thanks." I said to them. "Well, you guys can go...including you Kyndall. You did good today. I'm proud of you. I'll see you all in the morning, say, eleven?" He asked. "Yes sir." I nodded. I walked out the door, into the cold air, right behind the boys. "What're your plans for tonight?" Kellin asked. "Sitting at home. Maybe order some pizza." I shrugged. "Why don't you come hang out with us?" He asked, gesturing towards himself and Vic and Christopher. "I suppose it couldn't hurt." I laughed. "Good, I'm sure Katelynne would love you!" He smiled. We walked to Kellin's car, and I ended up stuck in the back with Christopher, which wasn't exactly bad, at all. We got to Kellin's pretty fast, only about 5 minutes. We all got out, and walked into a huge, cozy looking house. "Kellin!" An unfamiliar voice yelled. I looked up to see one of the most gorgeous girls I had ever seen in my life run into Kellin's arms. "Katelynne!" Kellin giggled, wrapping his arm around her waist and kissing her cheek. "Well, hello there Vic, Christopher." She nodded towards them. "Kellin, who's this beauty?" She asked, walking over to me and fixing the collar on my plaid button up shirt. "I'm Kyndall." I smiled, reaching to shake her hand. "I recorded some covers of Kellin's songs." "Well, I'm Katelynne, Kellin's wife." She grinned. "It's nice to meet you, hun." "It's nice to meet you too!" I giggled. She walked behind me and closed the door. "Well, seeming Kellin decided to bring a bunch of friends over, without telling me, I'm gonna have to sadden you guys by telling you I already have plans. I'm very sorry for your losses." She said, pretending to be self conceited. "Oh. Okay, Katelynne. I guess I'll see you when you get back. Love you babe!" Kellin said, kissing her lips gently. She giggled and started to walk out the door. "Love you too Kelly." She laughed a bit louder, and closed it. Kellin shook his head. "Well, now that she's gone, let the party begin!" He yelled, laughing. He walked over to his living room, in front of his huge tv, and powered up a large karaoke machine. "Who wants to go first?" He asked enthused. "Kyndall, you go first!" Vic urged, pushing me forward. "Fine." I giggled, and walked to the case that was full of karaoke CDs. I selected a CD with the song 'Come And Get It' by Selena Gomez on it. (A/N: I believe that's the name of the song, if I'm mistaken, I apologize.-.) I began playing the song, and started singing, while Kellin walked into his kitchen and the other two boys got comfortable on the couches. When I was done, I looked over to them. "Oh my f*ck! You're so freaking amazing!" Vic yelled. "Seriously." Christopher nodded. I already like these boys. "My turn!" Vic laughed, getting up and taking the microphone from me. I walked over to where he was sitting, and took his spot next to Christopher. "I HAVE BEER!" Kellin shouted, handing all of us bottles. "Eh, Kellin, I've never drank before." I gave him a worried look. "Oh. Well you are only 19. I keep forgetting that. Um. That might be too strong, But I have a bunch of less intense alcohol in the fridge." He nodded. He took my arm and pulled me to the kitchen. He walked to the fridge, and opened it, exposing several different flavors of alcohol. I laughed a little and grabbed a strawberry flavored one, and closed it behind me. "Aw, it takes like ten of those to get a buzz." He laughed. "Maybe I'm not in the mood for getting drunk." I giggled. He just shook his head. I sat back down next to Christopher and sipped at the beverage. It tasted good, But it still had that burn of alcohol going down. I had only drank once before, technically. I only drank one beer though. I remembered the burn it sent shooting down my throat however. Throughout the night, I noticed Christopher wasn't drinking very much either. Vic and Kellin on the other hand, downed just about every ounce of booze in the house. "Help yourselves to anything in the kitchen or whatever." Kellin said, looking as if he was gonna pass out. Everyone walked off to different rooms. I shook my head while I walked over to the room Kellin said I could use for the night. I didn't mind staying here, because if I went home, I'd just be all alone anyways. I laid in the huge king sized bed, and tossed and turned for about an hour, before I decided to go get something to eat. I walked into the kitchen, and found Christopher making himself a sandwich.
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