A harry styles fanfic (inspired of the secret circle).cassandra is new in town what will she do when she'll discover that she's a witch and she's a part of a circle with other young witches? will faith decide her relationship with harry who4a part of the circle as well? and will they fight for their love?will the members of the circle keep their powers in the end? this is OUR LOVE WILL LAST FOREVER


2. witches??????

it's lunch time harry told me to sit with him and his friends 

harry:so cassie this is zayn louis niall liam dianna fay dannielle and eleanor guys this is cassandra blackwill 

liam:oh great

danielle:i'm sorry for your mother

me:how did you know?

danielle:you mentionned it .....

me:no i didn't

eleanor:it's okay she'll know sooner or later

me:know what??

niall:we can meet up after school so we can discuss everything can you?

harry:i son't understand too


liam :later harry later 

we sat down and started talking suddenly a bitch came to our table wearing the slutiest clothes in the school but i should say she was pretty 

girl:harry babe it's lovely to see you again 

niall:we're here too

girl:guess what i don't care!so harry we're gonna meet up today in my house

danielle:don't you have some guy to fuck in the toilet

girl:you take care of your own business and get rid of your probleme with your stomach before you talk to me you slut!!

i waited a little to see the hurt in dannielle's eyes and when i was gonna talk harry stood up and start talking loudely so everyone can hear.

harry:firt of all i can fuck all the girls i want but you'll never be one of them katie  now you batter go fuck james....ooh......wait......he can't!!!! (the whole cafeteria burst out laughing)

suddenly katie's hand made contact with harry's cheek and i felt a strange feeling that i can controle so i walked over to her and slaped her hard all the cafeteria gasped.

katie:how could you?

me:just like how you could slap harry and humiliate danielle 

katie:so your his new sex toy and you just fell in love with him how cute?

me:you better stay away of me and my friends or else you'll have to face me!

katie:ouuuuh am afraid!!

me:oh you should be

i came back to the table and took my bag.

me:guys let's get out of here a whore detected

the whole cafeteria:ooooooooooooooooooooooooh

katie:you'll regret it later

me:like you scare me!

we went out of the cafeteria and sat in the playgroung.

danielle.i want to thank you for defending me in front of katie!!

harry:yeah me too

me:ow guys your my friends now it's normal

harry: aye you love me don't ya!!!

me:oh yeah i'm deeply in love with you!!

niall laughed loudly and everyone burst out laughting.

harry:c'mon give the sexy dude a kiss.

me:okay! close your eyes !

he did as i said and i took my bag and hit him in the face so everyone laughed and harry frowned.

harry:don't talk to me again 

and he turned around and fake cried in his hands 

me.aww it's okay i was just kidding

he didn't answer

me:if you forgive me i'll give you a kiss

harry: give me a kiss first 

me:just don't try anything it'll be just a kiss nothing more

harry: yeah yeah just kiss me already  

i placed my lips on his but when i was about to pull away he hold me tight so i tried to push him until he let me go

me:is he always like that

louis:you didn't see anything

me:i won't kiss you ever again

harry:this won't be  our last kiss i promise

so this is the second chapter comment guys and send me photos of "james"

love,Abir xxxxxx



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