A harry styles fanfic (inspired of the secret circle).cassandra is new in town what will she do when she'll discover that she's a witch and she's a part of a circle with other young witches? will faith decide her relationship with harry who4a part of the circle as well? and will they fight for their love?will the members of the circle keep their powers in the end? this is OUR LOVE WILL LAST FOREVER


3. witches??? part-2

after school, each one of us jumped in his car direction to the "secret house" so i just followed them.

when we arrived there i couldn't help but feel scared.The house looked like.... hunted. 

me:wait who's that?

harry:stay here!!liam don't let her follow me!!

i watched as harry went to the guy and talked to him.After a few the guy left but looked at me for a moment something harry didn't like

harry:luke!! i said get out of here!!

the guy was cute actually,his brown hair and chocolate brow eyes!!

luke:ow harry aren't you gonna tell me who's this lovely lady you have here?

me:what the hell do you want?

luke:oh nothing just..........want to no who you are 'cuz i've never seen such a beauty in the town besides i want to know who i'm gonna fuck tonight.So what's your name babe?

me:ooh so you better ask your hand 'cuz you won't see me near you again and i don't want to see your face in this house again or near me or anyone of my friends now get out of my face!!

the look on his face was priceless it showed anger,shock and confusion.

louis:you heard the lady now go back to your master and tell him the circle is reunited and you can't brake it!

i watched as luke went to his car and left.

me:now would you mind explaining to me??

liam:let's go in first

i followed them in the house and when we entered it was scarier than the outside!!!

me:what's all this shit??

dianna:cassie you should know that we are not humans?


eleanor:what she wants to say is that we are ...................................witches all of us ....................even you

me:the fact that you are witches,i may accept it but you're trying to say that i'm a witch that's impossible!!

harry:what about i show you?

me:show me what?

he took my hands in his and i felt some strange feeling like am bring tickled  and then harry started mumbling some strange words.After a few a weird thing happened a facinating forest appeared and water drops were hanging inthe air

that means am really a witch befpre i knew it harry 's lips found mine i kissed back but that was too much to handle.i pulled my hands away from harry's grip and run away


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