A harry styles fanfic (inspired of the secret circle).cassandra is new in town what will she do when she'll discover that she's a witch and she's a part of a circle with other young witches? will faith decide her relationship with harry who4a part of the circle as well? and will they fight for their love?will the members of the circle keep their powers in the end? this is OUR LOVE WILL LAST FOREVER


4. i'm sorry!!

i arrived home,and all i can think about was harry. I spended few hours in front of TV just watching some  random show until i heard the doorbrll ringing and i opened it to look at the beautifulest emerald eyes ever i was going to smile and hug him but i remembered that i should be angry at him

me:yes?how can i help you?

harry:don't play like that with me after we sucked each other's faces a few hours ago. 

he pushed the door away and walked in without permission.

me:didn't anyone tell that it's rude to push the door and walk in a house without permission?

harry:didn't anyone tell you that it's confusing to walk away after sharing a kiss with someone?

i coudn't help but check him out he was wearing tight black jeans that were showing his strong legs with a white t-shirt that is showing  a little bit his abs.

harry:you're staring !! (smirking)

me:oh just tell me what you want to say and go away

harry:i'm here to apologize for what happened

me:great !! get out now!

harry:what ?

me:you heard me !

harry:you really think that i'am gonna go of here without your forgiveness guess what princess?not gonna happen!

me:it's my house!and i asked you to get out?

harry:and what you gonna do?you'll call the cops? one spell babe ,with one spell i can kill a whole town especially when you are here i'm the most powerfull one of the circle.......of course until you showed up 

me:you know what i forgive you just get out!

harry:cassie! just give me a chance! a chance to prove to you that am a great friend to you and even more if you want just a chance that's what am asking for!!  don't be like this ,please??

i saw in his eyes that he's honest 

me:fine!! we're friends from now on but be careful guys you all need to explain everything to me tomorrow

harry:okay i'll tell the guys! go to sleep you gonna need it for tomorrow trust me you will!

me:yeah i'm just gonna  change  and go to sleep i'll shower in the morning

harry:do you think that you can give me a strip show

me:you know that my kitchen is full of knives and is two meters away!

harry:oh look at the time wooo it's too late my mom will probably kill me!

i burst out laughing .

me:see you tomorrow haz

harry:goodnight cassie!

he start walking but stop when i call him



i walk to him until there's only inches between us when  i lean in and place a kiss to the corner of harry's mouth and then i throw  my arms aroud his neck as i feel his around my waist. I place my mouth near his ear and whisper to him " you're a great friend harry"

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