A harry styles fanfic (inspired of the secret circle).cassandra is new in town what will she do when she'll discover that she's a witch and she's a part of a circle with other young witches? will faith decide her relationship with harry who4a part of the circle as well? and will they fight for their love?will the members of the circle keep their powers in the end? this is OUR LOVE WILL LAST FOREVER


5. explain

i woke up and all my mornings sh*t put my clothes and then went to the secret house.When i got there i saw everyone's cars outside so they're waiting for me.

i got inside .


everyone answered with a few "hello's" and "hi's"


liam:i'm gonna tell hedr guys you just correct me or remaind me if i forgot something


liam:our parents were all witches and they were forming a circle a secret circle and unfortunatly they all died  a fire accident and since then we're the new circle

me:when did you guys find out?

eleanor:few months ago.

me:okay so what now ?

fay:i thinkk we should stick together  cuz we're stronger that way

me:strong against what?

zayn:witch hunters

me:what would they want 

louis:break the circle

me:they won't do that we are strong enough together but i think we should stop using individual magic for now

fay:are you crazy!!!!!!!!

harry:don't talk to her that way!

fay:you can plan whatever you want i'm out of here


i watched as fay left the room slamming the door before going out


harry:i know right


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