My Name Is Dahkotah *on hold*

Im a friendly outgoing girl with a heart of gold. Im 17 years old I have brown hair with black eyes its long and straight. I wear pink and blue and yellow a lot. But wen i move turns out no one realli likes me but 'that' crowd. the gang members try to change me into a chick who will hurt you will it work? one one way to find out (1directions the gang not famous and in high school)!!!!!!!!!


3. Wearing Harrys Beanie

When I arrived at school i headed straight for the office. When i was halfway there i found Harrys beanie. I dont know why im putting it on right now. But Ill do anything to make some friends that are girls...

"Hello Im Caitlin. You must be new i was absent yesterday. But my brother Louis told me about you"

a girl said.

she looks like Louis so i belived her. "Really thats cool. My name Is Dahkotah." i said.

"Why are you wearing Harrys beanie?" Caitlin asked.

"He said ill make some friends wearing it. So i just am gonna give it a shot."i laughed.

" Thats funny because Louis also told me that Harry yelled at him for talking to you during art. Also that Harry Likes you and gave you the hat so that if you wear it your his..."she argued.

"Really thats rude let me talk to Harry." i asked.

"you cant or Louis will get beat up for telling me that. sorry" she said then walked away.

Whats up with this school?

I turned around and put Harrys Beanie in my car.

Why does Harry 'like' me?

Why would Harry yell at Louis for speaking to me?

Im confused...



Today i sat with Harry again. I was gonna sit with Caitlin but she told to act like we never spoke. Shes my only friend thats not a boy. Shes really nice.

"So Dahkotah why are you not wearing my beanie..."Harry asked.

"I left it in my car..." I said.

"Ohhh then wear it tomorow" Harry said.

"Harry can i talk to you in the bathroom ?" Liam asked.

"sure Liam. Be right back Dahkotah..."


"what Liam!?"i yelled.

"dude if she sits with us again you know the rules then shes one of us!" Liam said.

"AND i cant tell her to sit with Caitlin or Caitlin will tell her about us." I said.

"I know but its better if she finds out about us from a girl not by being forced in and becoming your toy." Liam yelled

"why do you care dude. Do you like her." i asked

"No but she doesnt like you" Liam said. Then he walked back to the table.

I know Niall and Louis like her. But what about Zayn he said he never met her before.

I dont understand why shes so nice.


5th period starts now.

I went to my locker and a not fell out it said -leave Dahkotah alone shes not yours to keep shes mine and ill kill you if you get her- ZAYN wrote this i know it. I told HIM HE COULD HAVE HER AT FIRST but NOW SHES FUCKING MINE!!!

~ ZAYN POV ;)~

After i sent that note i fell much better. Now he knows i wont back down. Ill talk to her this period and ask her out. I dont just like her cause shes hot i like her because shes not afraid of anything and shes Hot of course. But Harry just wants to get in her pants and force her in the gang.

I dont understand him...

Ohh there she is i need to talk to her.

"Dahkotah can i talk to you?" i asked.

"Sure" she smiled.

"Stop talking to harry" i infromed.

"Why??"she asked looking sad.

"Hes bad new he just want to get in your pants." i said

"what but hes nice... well kinda nice" she new he yelled at Liam and Louis.

"you know that hes in a _ _ _ _ Never mind just dont go out with him or to his partys and dont wear his hat i got to go ill text you tonight." i said then i took off. I always skip 5th with Niall.


~the night time~

I turned on my phone and got a massave text from Harry.

<Listen pretty boy your dead tomorow. no lie ill get her and ill video her and me in bed then i sent it to you for your lil porn video. Bye bitch>



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