My Name Is Dahkotah *on hold*

Im a friendly outgoing girl with a heart of gold. Im 17 years old I have brown hair with black eyes its long and straight. I wear pink and blue and yellow a lot. But wen i move turns out no one realli likes me but 'that' crowd. the gang members try to change me into a chick who will hurt you will it work? one one way to find out (1directions the gang not famous and in high school)!!!!!!!!!


1. Saying Goodbye

"Dahkotah why are you moving again?" Shelby asked.

"because my dad got a new job in Manchaseter. omg im gonna miss you guys!"i said.

"Manchasters a bad area are you gonna be okay?"Brenda asked.

"ill be fine but ill make friends i always do. i know its a bad area but were moving anyway heres my Address"i said happily.

"I heard theres gangs out there be safe girl we will miss you too!" Allison said

"i heard about this one called the Rebs that like own the new school but ill be fine and ill keep in touch by email i have to go bye girls!!"i yelled as i walked away.

I was popular at this school.

I was gonna be VP Vice President.

But my dad got a great job offer so how could i say dont take it.

but ill survive ... i hope

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