My Name Is Dahkotah *on hold*

Im a friendly outgoing girl with a heart of gold. Im 17 years old I have brown hair with black eyes its long and straight. I wear pink and blue and yellow a lot. But wen i move turns out no one realli likes me but 'that' crowd. the gang members try to change me into a chick who will hurt you will it work? one one way to find out (1directions the gang not famous and in high school)!!!!!!!!!


4. More Of A Texter

~Same night but its like continued~

Dahkotah POV


Zayn: Hey

me: Hi

Zayn: you know how a school i told you to stay away from harry...

me: yeah what about it

Zayn: are you gonna listen or not i kinda should know

me: i dont know realli i heard what he did and it made me feel mad

Zayn: you mad sure

me: i could be mad

Zayn: but your way to nice in person

me: >:D Dahkotah Mad !! Dahkotah smash!!

Zayn: hahaha very funny dont do tht again

me: why not it was fun :-)

Zayn: Hey wanna go out sometime...

me: realli umm no

Zayn: really thats mean

me: im joking i would love too but when

Zayn: soon ...babe... look ill text you later

Was i just asked out by ZAYN . But ... OHHH WHO CARES. Hes cute but i wanna get to know him before anything happens.


I clicked veiw

Niall: HI!

me:hi can i asked you something..

Niall: Yeah Anything ^-^

me: Did harry yell at louis for talking to me and why are you quiet around harry?

Niall: Im not gonna lie harry yelled at lou. the 2ed one cant be answered im sorry.

me: why not

Niall: im sorry i have to go see you in class...

Then he left i have an idea but ill have to ask Zayn he will tell me the truth...




~HEY im the not so famous writer llamazwithhats so do you guys like... ill update almost everyday

Anyone want to be a new charater you tell me about her or him and then ill give you a fate. COMMENT AND FAVE or not i aint your daddy!!!

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