My Name Is Dahkotah *on hold*

Im a friendly outgoing girl with a heart of gold. Im 17 years old I have brown hair with black eyes its long and straight. I wear pink and blue and yellow a lot. But wen i move turns out no one realli likes me but 'that' crowd. the gang members try to change me into a chick who will hurt you will it work? one one way to find out (1directions the gang not famous and in high school)!!!!!!!!!


7. Mondays suck PART 2

Harrys POV

Okay maybe i do like Dahkotah. But i would also like a new 'toy'. Yeah yeah yeah i know its wrong. But let face it shes hot. And on monday she wore a sexy outfit.

"What are you staring at Styles" Dahkotah said. I looked at her and winked. She didnt even blush. Did Zayn really get her to like him. Plus why would she wear a outfit like that. Most of the times she wore girly colors. Unless shes trying to tease me. I saw Zayn in the parking lot next to his car. Watching her.

"ha ha ha, What are you today some kind of bad ass!" I insulted. Then i knew that she knew the truth. Who the fuck told her. then i thought. She looks like a girl Zayn and only Zayn would fuck up like this. Know i guess ill have to get her to join with out really saying what i knew.

"I can look like what ever i want and ita not your information to know how ill dress every day Styles" she hissed.

"Whatever and you gave everyone else your Number but me so can i have?"i asked. Almost begged.

"Of course Styles Anything for you" she said with too much sarcasm.


~ HEY MY FRIENDS ill give all you nick names your new nickname is HUmans just like i spelled it UpPeR CaSe counted ... ANY WHO my HUmans its short but near the end of the next chapter youll understand almost everything you might be a small amount of confussed BUT ITS OKAY ILL EXPLAIN AT THE END OF THE CHAPTER ... OKAY my HUmans i love you.........(not in that way plz stop your making me blush) BYE I MISS YOU GUYS I AM CRYING <also tell me if this is going to fast>~

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