My Name Is Dahkotah *on hold*

Im a friendly outgoing girl with a heart of gold. Im 17 years old I have brown hair with black eyes its long and straight. I wear pink and blue and yellow a lot. But wen i move turns out no one realli likes me but 'that' crowd. the gang members try to change me into a chick who will hurt you will it work? one one way to find out (1directions the gang not famous and in high school)!!!!!!!!!


2. Mancheseter High

As i drove my car in the parking lot looking for a spot. Some other kids my age were acting rude and smoking. Then the other half we all laughing and looked nice but made mean faces at me and gave me the middle finger. When i finally found a spot i parked my car and got out. I asked a freshmen where the office is and he showed me the way. He gave me his number and walked away. when i walked in the school the lady gave my stuff right away and said.

"We dont get new students a lot Miss Anderson. good luck if you need help just come on in im Mrs.Mandy!"Mrs.Mandy said. I went to my new locker and opened it placed my purse and keys inside.

"hey im Zayn and you are?"Zayn said. I looked at him he was breath taking.

"Im Dahkotah nice to meet you?"i said. I pulled out my hand for him to shake.

"I dont shake hands but you really look friendly so be carefull."Zayn explained.

"Okay then"i said confused.

"uhhhhhhhhh DO I HAVE TO EXPLAIN dont be nice around here like that it will get you no where and soon you'll realise that your gonna have to act tuff or youll be used as a human rag doll!" he yelled. Everyone looked over here and cleared the hall.

"sorry okay why is everyone so mean i mean why im not making them mad am i." i mutterd. Then i took off for class.


Its now 2ed period and i had to sit next to another breath taking guy.

Then the guy passed me a note saying ~Hello my name is Niall, your new and all so sit with me and my mates today and can you tell me your name?~ My name and why should i sit with him i mean hes gorgous. I sent back <My name is Dahkotah and sure but who are your mates?>

~ Zayn Harry Louis And liam but you allready know Zayn~. I looked at him and then at the teacher who was explaining the lesson they learned yesterday.



As i walked over to Niall. Everyone stared at me besides Nialls table. Then i took a seat next to Niall.

"who are you?" A curly haired boy asked.

"Im Dahkotah. Niall invited me to sit here?" i explaind.

"Hi your the girl Nialls been chatting about come sit next to me and i can show you my boys!" The curly one said. then he patted next to him.

"whats your name?'' I asked.

"Harry Styles but call me Harry!"Harry said. i looked at Niall and got up and sat next to Harry.

Harry showed he 'his boys' and told me there names and stuff. Then her gave me the hat he was wearing and told me to wear it tommorow and then ill make friends.


~study hall~

At this school study hall is has no studing or anything. People use it as extra time to do whatever.

"hey Dahkotah it Louis from lunch!" Louis said behind me. I was in the hall way getting my stuff for art.

"hi Louis" i said.

"why are you getting your stuff for art?" Louis asked.

"I have art class why else?" i said laughing.

"art class is not happing to day the teachers sick and so is the sub!!" he joked.

"Louis dont lie your in my art class were you gonna skip?" i asked.

"NO ARE YOU NUTS" he said.

I pulled him to class and he watch me paint a apple.

when school was over i gave 'Harrys boys' my number and went home.

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