Meet Your Match *Not Famous*

I walked into the door of my house. It was the last day of grade 8. As soon as i walked in i smelt the stench of smoke, alcohol, and weed. My mom was home. I dropped my bag and walked quietly to my room, hoping she wouldn't hear me, but i stepped on the wrong floor board, and it squeaked. "Rain! Are you home!?" I heard my mother say. "Yeah it;s me Stacey! But im really tired... just heading to bed!" I said. quickly making my way to my room, and locking the door. Stacey quickly came after me,pounding on the door. "YOU OPEN THIS DOOR YOU UNGRATEFUL, SELFISH, BITCH!" she shouted, while pounding and pounding at the door. "YOUR FATHER WAS SMART TO LEAVE WHEN HE COULD!NOW HE DOESN'T HAVE TO KNOW HOW MUCH OF A DISGRACE YOU ARE TO HIM! YOU ARE UGLY, AND USELESS!" I began thinking about those things that she had said to me, threw my door. Where they true?How come she doesn't love me like other mothers do?How could my father leave me with a woman like this... I eventually cried my self to sleep.


8. Romance gone wrong.

Harry's POV

Since Rain had a recording thingie, i decided to take her out for dinner tonight! I put my dishes in the sink and grabbed my phone from the counter dialing the fnumber to the resturant that my buddy Louis had said was really good! I called the number. "Hello? Hi i would like to book a reservation for tonight, 6 o'clock. Great! Thanks!" i said. I glanced at the clock it was 3. I headed into the washroom and took a quick shower. Then i put on my khakis, my white button down shirt, and i rolled up the cuffs a bit. Then i put on my black dress shoes and my black tie. I brushed my teeth, shaved my face quickly then styled my hair up in a quiff. I heard someone fiddling with the lock, so i grabbed the rose sitting in the glass in the bathroom. I ran to greet Rain at the door. She took one look at me and giggled. I gave her the rose and helped her take her coat off. She leaned forward to me. "Whats the occasion?" she asked me. "You have worked so hard for this, lets celebrate your sudden burst of luck." i replied. She headed off to the bathroom. "Reservations at 6!" i shouted  "Call a cab!" she said. "Right!" i muttered. I took off to the bedroom, to see her sitting on the bed. She had just finished taking her shoes off. I walk in threw the door, and lean on the door frame, trying my best to look sexy. She looked at me and giggled, before she backed up on the bed. I got onto the bed and straddled her. I kissed her plump,soft lips, before trailing kisses across her neck. "You are so beautiful." I said to her. I kissed down her neck again, pulling at her t shirt. She grabbed my head in her hands. "No. I don't want to wreck your hair, and your all ready dressed so i wouldnt want to trouble you to get re dressed." She said. She gave me a quick kiss on my lips, then pulled away. She bit on her bottom lip, before getting up to walk to the bathroom to get ready. It drove me crazy when she bites her bottom lip. I got up and headed to the make shift kitchen to call us a cab, "Hello? Yes i need to reserve a cab for tonight.5:50! Thanks!" I said. "5:50 is when the cab comes love!" i said. I heard her scream. I giggled and then sat on the little couch in the living room. A little while later Rain walked out to the little living room. She wore a red dress, strapless, it came all the way up to a little above her knees. She had a black belt sitting tightly around her waist, black pumps, and a silver anklet. She isnt much of a make up girl, so she had just liner, mascara, and gloss on, but it complemented her face wonderfly. "Wow..." was all i could say. I helped her put her coat on and we were outside just intime. I opened the taxi door for her, and she got in, scooching over to the other side and i got in beside her. We drove off. 10 minutes later, we were still driving. I looked over at Rain nervously. "Um are we almost there? My reservation is for 6..." i said, the guy just laughed and locked the door. It was one of those kinds that you can only un lock it from the button. Unfortunitly there was no unlock button back here, The guy shut the little window thing that seperated the guy from us. I looked out the window and noticed that we were driving into the country, away from the city! I looked at Rain. She was on her phone. I looked over and it was her texting help to Simon. She turned on her GPS. I grabbed her hand and held it as some strand gas began to leek into the cab. All of a sudden everything turned black........

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