Meet Your Match *Not Famous*

I walked into the door of my house. It was the last day of grade 8. As soon as i walked in i smelt the stench of smoke, alcohol, and weed. My mom was home. I dropped my bag and walked quietly to my room, hoping she wouldn't hear me, but i stepped on the wrong floor board, and it squeaked. "Rain! Are you home!?" I heard my mother say. "Yeah it;s me Stacey! But im really tired... just heading to bed!" I said. quickly making my way to my room, and locking the door. Stacey quickly came after me,pounding on the door. "YOU OPEN THIS DOOR YOU UNGRATEFUL, SELFISH, BITCH!" she shouted, while pounding and pounding at the door. "YOUR FATHER WAS SMART TO LEAVE WHEN HE COULD!NOW HE DOESN'T HAVE TO KNOW HOW MUCH OF A DISGRACE YOU ARE TO HIM! YOU ARE UGLY, AND USELESS!" I began thinking about those things that she had said to me, threw my door. Where they true?How come she doesn't love me like other mothers do?How could my father leave me with a woman like this... I eventually cried my self to sleep.


12. Councilor

Rain's POV

Harry came back to the hospital to get me and we drove back to my small apartment. "I know it was coming.... I'm still in shock.." I finally said as we sat down on my orange leather couch. "Harry looked at me worry in his eyes. "I think you need to see a councilor when we get back.." he said, then continued. "This much death in such a small period of time isn't good for a person.." I stood up.. "You think im going to be depressed and try and kill my self?" i shouted at him, "You think im going to kill my self?!"  i continued. Harry stood up and reached for me. He was about to say something but i smacked his hands out of the way and said, "Fine! If you think im going to harm my self then maybe i will!" I ran off to the bathroom and shut the door, locking it. I picked up my razor off the side of the tub and slid down the side of the door, crying, holding the razor inches from my wrist....





sorry i know this a short chapter but im busy.. so i will try and update soon!

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