Meet Your Match *Not Famous*

I walked into the door of my house. It was the last day of grade 8. As soon as i walked in i smelt the stench of smoke, alcohol, and weed. My mom was home. I dropped my bag and walked quietly to my room, hoping she wouldn't hear me, but i stepped on the wrong floor board, and it squeaked. "Rain! Are you home!?" I heard my mother say. "Yeah it;s me Stacey! But im really tired... just heading to bed!" I said. quickly making my way to my room, and locking the door. Stacey quickly came after me,pounding on the door. "YOU OPEN THIS DOOR YOU UNGRATEFUL, SELFISH, BITCH!" she shouted, while pounding and pounding at the door. "YOUR FATHER WAS SMART TO LEAVE WHEN HE COULD!NOW HE DOESN'T HAVE TO KNOW HOW MUCH OF A DISGRACE YOU ARE TO HIM! YOU ARE UGLY, AND USELESS!" I began thinking about those things that she had said to me, threw my door. Where they true?How come she doesn't love me like other mothers do?How could my father leave me with a woman like this... I eventually cried my self to sleep.


1. 4 Years Later

Rains POV

I woke up to the sound of my phone alarm. Turning it off i glance at the clock. "SHIT!" i shouted! school starts in 20 minutes!! I jump out of bed, throwing on my white over sized knitted sweater, black tights, my black combat boots. Leaving my hair down, naturally falling into ringlets, and throwing on a black beanie over my blonde hair.Brushed my teeth then quickly applied liner,mascara and gloss.Im not much of a makeup girl. I grabbed my bag, phone and keys and was out the door in 10 minutes. Jumping into my Yellow 2009 camero, with a black strip, and i drove off down the road to my shitty little high school.

I walked in the doors of my class room to have my teacher glare at me. "That's a detention for you Ms.Trinket." I ignored her and headed off to my usual seat, only to see some nerd sitting in it. I glared at him, and that was enough for him to pick up his books and take off to the empty set at the front of the classroom. Dropping my bag on the floor, i sat down in the chair, and put my feet up on the desk. Mrs. Mrap continued her explanation about her class and blah blah blah. First days are always boring. I tuned her out, only to come back to see a new student walk into class. "Welcome, im Mrs. Mrap. And your late, so that will be a detention for you." He smirked, and turned his head to look around the room, when he laid eyes on my, our eyes locked. Keeping them locked, Mrs. told him to take the empty seat beside me, and asked for his name. He simply replied. "Styles. Harry Styles." He walked over and sat down in the seat beside me, and put his feet up on his desk, exactly like mine. I smirked, and pulled out my phone to text Eleanor, my best friend, who isn't in this class. 

Rain: H.O.T. HOT guy in my class...

Ell: OMG OMG OMG... What's he wearing?

I looked at him, and he seemed to notice because he looked at me and smirked, showing off some sexy dimples. Our eyes became locked and i noticed how mesmerizing they were.

Rain:Black V neck, Black skinny jeans, Black converse, and a neon green beanie. Did i mention his eyes are gorgeous...

Ell: ouuu a badass! hes all yours babe! Good luck!

I chuckled and threw my I phone into my bag.He looked at me, i smirked. "Im Harry, Harry Styles." He said, sticking his hand out.I smiled, "Im Rain, and im not interested." I said and then the bell rang. He looked taken aback. I grabbed my bag and strung it over my shoulder, heading out the door to go to my next class. Eventually it was lunch, and Ell and I sat at our usual table with a few of our other friends. Ell was asking me loads of questions about him, while the others had there own conversation going on. "So im guessing that's him?" She said just as Harry walked into the caf. "Yuup!" I said and turned back to Ell. "Damn! He's Fine! And hes got some niiiicccceeee legs too!" She said to me. I laughed. I turned and looked at him again, he had 3 or 4 girls around him, swooning over him. I groaned in disgust. "You done?" Ell said bringing me back from my daze. "Oh.. yeah!" I said and we both went and dumped out trays in the garbage. Walking back towards our next class, which was together, Ell all of a sudden walked away from me. I was about to question what she was doing when all of a sudden Harry runs up beside me. "So i was wondering why you are so apposed of me?" He said, not bothering with a hello. "Well, you seem to have enough girls, judging by what i saw in the caf." I replied. "I saw you in between 1st and 2nd period. You had like 4 or 5 different guys go up to you and ask you for your number! So it's not just me!" He said. I was taken aback, and i stopped dead in my tracks. He looked at me and smirked. "So whats your point Styles?" I said. "Let me take you out so you can see the real me." He said bravely, and i got to admit, it was pretty hot. Ell and I are considered the "Hottest Girls" at our school, so most guys are intimidated by us. But he seemed just as equally matched to me. "Give me your phone." I demanded. He handed me his I phone, and i unlocked it. Scrolling to find his contacts. I clicked add new, and i took a quick selfie then entered my number and name, handing it back to him. Then walking off down to hall joining up with Ell and heading to science. Leaving Harry standing in the now deserted hallway completely shocked. Im full of suprises

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