Staying With The Enemy (Sequel to SWTE)

***NOT MY STORY ALL RIGHT GOES TO BRITISHBUMS*** Jane and Harry had a past, and they let that stay in the past. Now, they're pretty much happy with themselves, they have a three year old little girl, and they're still as teasing as ever. What happens if the tables turn over to Jane this time? They promised to never make that mistake again.. But will temptation be their enemy this time?


4. Chapter 4

SORRY FOR NOT UPDATING SOONER. my best friend is going to China so I want it to spend last day with her..i feel awful.

-Jane's POV-




Now the baby bump was enough. But it felt as if my mind was eating away
at me, as if one more thing I did, I would just burst into another hissy

I knew something like this would happen though. mood swings.. I barely
got moody, only when I got pretty ticked off for all the right reasons.

But right now, it seemed as everything was making me pissed.

"Jane?" Harry knocks on the door. He knows how to be gentle around me
when I'm like this. Smart boy.

"What." I muttered, laying down on my bed.

"I just wanted to make sure you were okay, love. You feeling alright?"

/I didn't answer. "Does it fucking look like it?!" I shouted, closing my

/I could feel him smirking, me knowing Harry so well. Probably not SO
well, but I knew him enough to know what he was doing right now./

/"I got you ice cream by the way. And your favorite movies.." His voice
trails, as I sighed./

/"This is driving me crazy." I whispered. /

/"I know it is, babe..Even though I'm not in that little body of yours."/

/I find the boy sitting right next to me, the bed dipping slightly./

"Do you really have ice cream?" I murmered, looking up. Okay, bi polar

He chuckles, with a small nod.

"Hand it to me, boy." I held my hands out.

He seemed to be amused by my constant mood change.

"No." Harry teases, taking a bite out of MY ice cream.

My eyes stared into his menacingly. Big mistake.






/*I watch as I let Eleanor take Darcy with her and Lou, making me smile
as well, at how happy she looked.

The surroundings were just very different to me. Honestly, I haven't
been to an amusement park in ages. I have no idea how long.

I get snapped out of my thoughts, Harry wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

"Have you considered riding me instead, babe?" He's still clinging onto
that cheesy little saying.

I groaned, rolling my eyes, but I ended up laughing anyway. "Better luck
next time, you aren't getting any of this." I did a small dance, as he

One ride seemed to attract my eyes, as I grinned.

"We should ride this rollercoaster!" I pointed at the speedy ride, faint
screams being heard from it.

Harry stayed frozen. "Umm.."

"Come on!" I motioned, starting to walk towards the line. Since Darcy
was with El, I figured she'd be okay while I spent a little more time
with Harry.

"Nooo. Can't. Anything, but one of those big devils."

I rose an eyebrow. "/Big devils./" I imitated teasingly. He just frowned.

"Come on, I thought you weren't scared of anything! Huh, tough guy?" I
contiued to tease, holding back anymore laughter. I just loved to tease
him.. As much as he loved to tease me as well.

Harry sighed, shaking his head. "If I die, or anything, it'll all be on

"You aren't going to die." I reassured as he walked towards it,
following me hesitantly.

"Maybe we should just go find the others, maybe Darcy is---"

"No! She's fine. They're fine." I smiled smugly.



The line went pretty quickly, considering that the rollercoaster was
really big and my favorite color. My favorite color was purple.. And it
kind of was pretty to the eye. And plus, I LOVED rollercoasters.

I remembered riding them with my mum when I was just eight. And every
summer, we would go probably once or twice a week just to go ride their
rollercoasters. Truly, they were fun.

The thought of Harry being scared of a rollercoaster made me die in
laughter. I mean I thought he wasn't afraid of anything. Literally.

I thought wrong.







"Oh my god." Harry wobbled slightly as we were emerging away from that
amazing rollercoaster.

"I know right!" I exclaimed, all hyped up right now.

"No, woah. Never riding one again. I almost died, I told you!" He tells
me, exaggerating once again.

"Ugh you're such a little girl. You remind me of Darcy." I chuckled.

He narrowed his eyes. "I'm not a little girl."

"Yeah, I think you are." I laughed, steadying him as we stopped in a halt.

"No /you're/ a little girl. I'm taller than you." He pointed out,
smirking. I looked up at the tall boy, my lips parting in mock offense.

"That doesn't mean anything!" I gasped.

"Oh it means everything!"

Shaking my head, about to argue again, Harry pulls me into a kiss abruptly.

Tilting back slightly, I wrap one arm around his neck, my other hanging
loosely down by my side. I smirked.

"I like my guys tall." I whispered into his ear, my lips brushing his
cheek slightly.

His warm breath hits my neck, making me shiver just a bit.

"And I like my girls short." He chuckled, pecking me on the lips once more.



Once we passed a food court, I literally begged for some cotton candy,
knowing that I haven't had it in years. And I truly missed it.

Funny thing is, when I was little, my mum would always limit me on how
much cotton candy I get, because I could get really hyper, and plus she
said that "it's too much sugar"

Well she isn't here now, so I can enjoy all the cotton candy that I want
without caring! Yay.

I clap my hands, as I devoured the puffy sweet stuff, happy with the
feelings of it melting on my tongue.

We walked more, closer to the boardwalk now, me just focusing on the
cotton candy as I stared at the waves.

"Have you thought about sharing?" Harry's voice snaps me out of my thoughts.

I shook my head, jokingly. From the corner of my eye, I could see him
pout, and slouch slightly.

"Kiddinnngg" I held the word out, holding the bag out to him.

He grabs it from me, pretending to hide it under his jacket.

"Hey!" I yelled, this time pouting.

Honestly, we were acting just like little kids. It's hilarious, seeing
that we were in our 20's, and still we acted as if nothing has changed.
I loved it.

"AH! GOT IT! YES!" I hear that loud victory shout, and that thick Irish

"UGH! NIALL!" I hear Louis screech, as I turned to my side.

There the two were playing some game at a stand and Niall holding a
giant teddy bear with a heart in its arms.

"It's alright babe, you'll get it next time." I find El nodding, but it
was obvious she was holding a laugh back as well.

"Can't believe Niall beat me.." He grumbled, crossing his arms.

"OH LOOK! MUMMY AND DADDY!" Darcy's faint voice spoke, as I smiled
widely at her.

Picking out of the cotton candy in Harry's hands, I winked at him before
skipping over to Darcy.

Harry looked at me surprised that I had just winked at him, me as
surprised as well.

Never in my life.. Or never through the years I've known Harry, have
I /ever/ winked at him before. Seriously.

I blushed, at the thought of my forwardness.

"Hey Darce!" I coo'd, hugging her, as she hugged at my legs, snuggling
closer. "You having a good time?"

"Yes! Very good time!" She nods heavily, all jumpy.

"Where's Zayn, Liam, and etc.?" I asked.

"Eh, probably making out with their /girly friends/." Louis stuck his
tongue out in disgust. I chuckled.

I sat down in the seat next to El, Harry walking up to sit beside me.

"Have you guys rode that rollercoaster?" Niall held his large teddy bear
closer to him, making me smile.

"Yeah. If I didn't drag Harry over to it, he would've--"

"You didn't drag me!" He reasoned, pointing a finger at me.

"Well I forced you!" I laughed.

He stuck his tongue out this time.

"Now what am I gonna do with this prize?" Niall pondered, seeing what he
really needed a enormous teddy bear for.

"Keep it at your place!" I nodded.

He seemed to think more before he gave me a shy smile. He handed me the
teddy bear, raising an eyebrow.

Surprised, I opened my mouth to say something, but nothing came out,

"No! That's yours." I pointed.

"Nah, you can have it."



"Er, yeah we could give it to Darcy." Harry interjects, smiling over at

I sighed, taking it anyway. "Here Darce, your very own teddy bear!"

She grinned, clapping her hands before trying her best to hold it in her
arms and hug it at the same time. It was a cute sight.

"Ughh I really want to go on a ferris wheel. WE SHOULD GO ON A FERRIS
WHEEL" El nods.

"You're not the only one." Louis winked, before he started to spring
towards the large spinning wheel, almost tripping in the process.

I laughed.

"Ferris wheel it is!" Niall nods, smiling at me before he went to go
follow Louis.

Turns out, Liam, Zayn, Perrie, and Danielle were already there on it,
just being the cute couples they already are. It's terribly cute how
cheesy their relationships are.

"AWW LOOK AT THE LOVE BIRDS!" Louis yells to the top, making them look
down, El laughing.




I will update more tomorrow.. late because I have to go buy a new iphone case :/ I hate shopping.

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