Staying With The Enemy (Sequel to SWTE)

***NOT MY STORY ALL RIGHT GOES TO BRITISHBUMS*** Jane and Harry had a past, and they let that stay in the past. Now, they're pretty much happy with themselves, they have a three year old little girl, and they're still as teasing as ever. What happens if the tables turn over to Jane this time? They promised to never make that mistake again.. But will temptation be their enemy this time?


3. Chapter 3

-Jane's POV-




Another day of this physical education shit. I just wish the year would

end already, I just wanted to get out of high school and have a life.

"Come on Jane, hussel!" My gym couch claps his hands in my face. I
glare at him irritated.

The whole junior class lined up in front of him, and he would pick two
people to pick their teams.

"Okay.. Holland, come up." He motions at one of my friends, as she
walks up. She's always a sport girl, that's probably why he picked her.

"And.. Harry, my main man!" He shouts, as the curly haired boy gives
him a high five as he's going up.

I sighed, fidgeting slightly.

"We, are playing a nice and old fashioned game of dodge ball."

A mix of groans and cheers echoed the room, me being that one girl who

I could already predict I would get hit in the face or something

Just something bad would happen, I just knew it.


Pretty soon, I was the last to be picked on Holland's team, as we
walked off to our sides.

"I hate this so much." I tell Holland as I stood beside her, putting my
hair up into a pony tail.

"Give it a chance. It's fun! Don't you just want to hit people all the
time? I mean I do."

I forced a chuckle out, my smile fading right after once I heard coach
blow the whistle.

Shit shit shit. Okay, Jane. Just dodge the balls.. You can do this.

I walk over to a safe corner from my team's side where balls weren't
being thrown as I just stood there.

Watching as people threw balls roughly to the opposing side, I leaned
on the wall nonchalantly.

"JANE! GET IN THE GAME, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Coach yells at me.

"I am in the game!" I pointed out that I was just in the right boundaries.

He just sighed, shrugging. As if he was telling me, 'Hey, it's your

Girls like my kind were getting hit out with ease, as they walked out.
Most people had started to disperse, sitting onto the benches.


And before I noticed, I was the only one left, alone with Holland,
thankfully. So now I just have to pretend to get hit, and I can sit out.

Before I could step up to the plague, Holland gets hit, her groaning.

"HA! GOT YOU! SIT DOWN!" Harry does a weird dance. Holland frowns.

"NO YOU DIDN'T STYLES! COACH?" She yells back, turning to coach for an

Coach sighs, shaking his head. "Harry got you fair and square there,

She face palmed. "Jane?" She looks at me.

"I can't do this, I'm not going to---"

"You're going to win this. Just don't get hit. Aim for that pretty
boy's face." She whispers, with a small nod before she walked over to
the benches, sitting next to someone I had no idea who.

Well talk about AWKWARD. I was against.. Him. Ugh. Just let him win, I
know that I'll---

My thoughts get interrupted by a ball hitting me straight in the
friggin' face.

I hear people gasp and whispers, as I whaled in pain. Embarassing.
Wow.. Okay.

"JANE!" Coach scolds me. For getting hit in the face. Wow, that hurt. Ah.

I find a body hovering over mine, but I couldn't really make it out, my
eyesight went fuzzy.

"Are you okay? Sorry.." The boy says sheepishly. Oh, it's Harry..

"Um. Y-yeah." I stuttered nervously, but it was a lie. My face felt
like it was literally going to fall off.

"UGH! LOOK WHAT YOU DID NOW STYLES!" I hear Holland, as I weakly turned
my head to the left.

"Take her to the nurse's office, Harry. Do you mind?" Coach says,
irritated by me stopping his class.

But really this is a dream..

I was praying he wouldn't..

Harry nods. "Nah, I don't mind."

Before I knew it, he picked me up bridal style, my eyes widened.

"Woah, I can freaking walk." I say a bit angrily.

Things were just starting to be okay-ish between us, but enemies are
always enemies, right?



"Janee!! Here's your breakfast." Louis goes, setting a plate in
front of me. I smiled.

That was an unusual flashback..

"Thanks." I mumbled, picking up my fork and picking at the food quickly.

"Woah there." Niall chuckled.

"Look who's talking, Mr. Sir Eats A Lot." I teased, as the boys laughed
at that.

Harry soon comes walking into the kitchen dripping wet.. And..

Still shirtless.

"Ugh!" Dani whined, throwing her hands over her eyes.

"Not attractive." Perrie's comment followed, her closing her eyes.

"Just.. NO" El says lastly as I laughed.

"What? You girls don't like this?" He joked. "Jane does." He winks in my

"Eww daddy!" Darcy giggled over her hands, putting her head down on the

"Do you hear Darcy? /Eww!" /I mimicked.

"Naww, don't lie." Harry coo'd, walking over to me and Darcy as he wraps
his wet self around the both of us.

Darcy shrieks, making me laugh.

"You guys are weird." Louis goes, talking through his food.

"Yup." El agrees, nodding.

"You know, we should probably go somewhere." Perrie suggests.

We all looked at her.

"Like.. Shopping?" Dani grinned hopefully, as I burst into a laugh at that.

"No! Like.. Just hang out like we used to?" El suggested this time.

"Well I'd like that, but---"

"No buts woman!" She interrupts me. "We are going to the fun fair."

"Fun fair?" I held back a smile. "Did you mean the amusement park?"

"Ugh, I just want to call it the fun fair! No problem with that!" She
rose an eyebrow.

"THE FUN FAIR?!" Darcy looks up with widened eyes. She looked like she
was about to explode in happiness.

"Uhh, I don't know.." My voice trailed. I never found the fun fair "fun"

"Yeah love!" Harry answers for me with a nod.

"COME ON JANEE PLEASEE?" Louis whined.

Liam just shook his head. He never got used to Louis' tendency of being
way to loud.

But lucky me, I did.

Sighing, I bit out of my breakfast.


"Okay, okay! But I'm not riding anything." I say, but completely
regretted saying it right after.

Harry took that opportunity to sneak up behind me and pull me towards him.

"You'll be riding me, though." He whispered teasingly into my ear,
making me smile widely.


I will update more tomorrow. im tired its 12:21am here... nanite x


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