Staying With The Enemy (Sequel to SWTE)

***NOT MY STORY ALL RIGHT GOES TO BRITISHBUMS*** Jane and Harry had a past, and they let that stay in the past. Now, they're pretty much happy with themselves, they have a three year old little girl, and they're still as teasing as ever. What happens if the tables turn over to Jane this time? They promised to never make that mistake again.. But will temptation be their enemy this time?


2. Chapter 2

Chapter 2:



-Harry's POV-


Not to be creepy, but I was watching her sleep. It was about ten in the
morning now, and I woke up just a couple of minutes ago.

Her snore echoed the room slightly, her head tilted back on her pillow.
She was sprawled over the bed freely, her lips just parted a little bit.

And she was mine. To think that I married a girl I used to despise is
crazy. Far from crazy, even.


Soon, my baby girl Darcy comes walking in, rubbing at her eyes sleepily.

"Well good morning, sweetheart." I coo'd, as she grinned. She runs over
to our bed, and attempts to climb it as I pull her up.

"Sleep good, kiddo?" I ruffled her hair playfully.

She nods heavily. Giggling, she points to her mum. "Look at mummy!" Her
voice echoes the room, making me smile. I kissed her on the cheek.

Jane seems to hear, as she whaled slightly. She rolled over on her
stomach, her arm wrapping around me and Darcy.

"Wake up mummy! Wake uppp!'' Darcy sing songs, her brown curly locks
bouncing slightly as she moved.

"Is that you Darcy?''


"Morning, kid!'' Jane exclaimed, sitting up next to me, and carrying her
in her arms.

She grinned, nuzzling herself closer to Jane.


-Jane's POV-


"How's about I call your Uncle Lou so he can make us breakfast?" Harry
smiled at her.

"Yay! And Aunt Eleanor?!" Darcy asks hopefully.

She totally has my eyes. AND she has Harry's hair, nose, lips, etc.

"Yeah, I'm sure your aunt El is coming." I nodded, patting her on the back.

She does a little happy dance. El always finds a way to get Darcy
something whenever she comes and sees her. That darn El, always finding
a way to spoil my little girl.. Ha ha.


The doorbell ringing interrupts us, making all three of us look up in
unison. "I'LL GET IT!" Darcy shouts, before going through the process of
climbing off the bed, and waddling out of the room.

"Oh no, I think I can get it sweetheart!" I called, about to get up, but
Harry pulls me back. I look at him questioningly.

"My good morning kiss?" He asks expectantly.

I rose an eyebrow. "Now that you asked for one, you aren't really going
to get one." I chuckled.

"Aww." He pouted, pulling me towards him. Harry sloppily kisses my
cheek, making me giggle.

"DARCY! YOU'RE SUCH A BIG GIRL NOW!" Louis' loud voice interrupts my
thoughts. I have got to find a way to lock that door better. Who knows,
Darcy might just open it and run to who knows where.

"Ughh, Harry!" I whaled, as he tightly wrapped his arms around my waist
so I wouldn't escape.

"I'm sure Lou can wait, love." He whispers into my ear, his lips
brushing it slightly.

Slouching in defeat, I just stayed limp in his strong arms. "Will you
let me go if I give you that good morning kiss you wanted?"

"Dunno, why don't you give me that kiss first, babe." He gives me a
toothy grin, our faces THIS close.

I smile back, my eyes staring into his big green orbs.

He leans in first, me slightly pushed back because of the impact. Harry
hums through the kiss teasingly, his hand on my waist, but soon moving
up under my shirt.

Smirking through the kiss, I wrapped my arms around his neck, moving in

As soon as his hand was about to reach in to feel up my breasts, I hear

"Hey guys.." That thick Irish accent very hearable.

Gasping I pulled away, and scooting as far away from Harry as possible.
But I thinkit was pretty obvious that we were just caught.

"Hey, mate." Harry waved slightly, itching the back of his neck.

I gave him a small smile.

"Hi." Breathing out, I ruffled my hair.

Niall changed a lot through the years that passed, must I say. His hair
grew a bit longer, but he still kept it in that signature quiff. He
really did grow taller, just probably an inch or two short from Harry.
One thing stayed though.

And that was himself. One other thing stayed as well..


Niall was still a single pringle.

I have no idea why he hadn't got a girlfriend after all these years. It
just all seems a bit sad. I wish I could match make him with one of some
friends I have.. But all my friends have gone after high school anyway.
So I didn't really have anything to offer, aside from El. But El is
freakin in love with the weirdo, Louis Tomlinson. Gotta admit, they look
like a pretty sexy couple together.

"Come on babe, let's go downstairs." Harry nods, snapping me out of my
current thoughts.

Nodding, I grabbed his hand and climbed over his body, so I could reach
the other side. As I did, Harry gently slaps my bum, making me shriek.

"Harry Edward fucking Styles." I scolded, shooting my head in his direction.

"You promised no cursing when Darcy is here!" Harry points a finger at
me. He caught me redhanded.

"Ugh, she isn't here!" I whined, face palming. "And ugh. I've got to be
more cautious on where I let my butt fly."

Harry laughed, shaking his head. "Never going to get tired of that
beautiful face of yours whenever I do it."

"Oh I'll see your face when I'll----"

Oh wait.. Niall's right here.

I didn't have anything to say to him, and so I just childishly stick my
tongue out, Harry's eyes sparkling once I shot him a glare.

But seriously, I just love that boy, no matter how much immaturity he
has contained inside him.

"You coming?" I rose an eyebrow at him.

"Yeh, just let me go have a shower." Harry waved off.

"I'll take a shower after you." I nod once.

"You know we could always just share one." He winked. "Gotta save water,
yuh know? The environment and stuff?"

I rolled my eyes, tugging Niall by the arm and pulling him out with me.

"LOVE YOU BABE!" I hear him screech, making me chuckle.

"Yeah, I know!" I shout back, walking down the hallway with Nialler.

"He still hasn't grown out of that hasn't he? Flirting and everything?"
Niall chuckled softly.

"Yeah, I know that he hasn't." I laughed, shaking my head. "Didn't
expect you to come along." I say honestly, looking up at him. Honestly,
I haven't seen him in a couple of weeks.

"Oh all the boys and girls are here." He nods.

Stopping in a halt, my eyes widened. "What?!"

"Yup. We came here for breakfast, thinking you two would be awake by the

I groaned. "Well now I'm gonna have to make breakfast."

"You make good breakfast." Niall goes.

"No I do not!" I laughed. "Who payed you to tell me that I do?"

"Nobody! I love your food." He nodded.

"Well Niall, you love all foods." I patted him on the shoulder before we
made our way to the living room.

"JANEE!!" El grinned, looking up from playing with Darcy. I see that
Darcy has this huge cotton candy in her hand.

"Eleanor. What are you thinking, giving her that much sugar before
breakfast?!" I scolded.

"Wow Jane, you're becoming a mother already." She joked, giving me a
hug. I pouted slightly, giving the other boys hugs as well.

Perrie and Danielle came as well. Danielle was new to the One Direction
mommy crew. She was soo nice! Actually Eleanor's been knowing her ever
since a couple of years ago and I didn't even know!

"Helloo" I wave, hugging Perrie and Danielle. Haven't seen them in
awhile, either. Well that explains it, because I've literally been
spending time with Harry and Darcy 24/7.

"Where's your Hazza Bear?" Perrie grins, taking that nickname from what
Louis used to call him. Zayn smirked from beside her.

"Oh he's taking a shower." I waved off, with a shrug.

"Did you guys do anything last night?" Danielle wiggled her eyebrows,
elbowing me slightly.

"Noo. I can't, remember? Wouldn't want to give Darcy a bad---"

"Give me what mummy?" She hears me. Wow, I whisper with a bullhorn do I?

"Oh nothing." I say nonchalantly, thankfully Louis saves me from saying
anything else.

"So do you have food or not woman?!" He screeches.

"Well I was supposing you could cook!" I rose my hands up in frustration.

"How do you two live? Mrs. Jane and Harry Lazy Arses. That should be
your guys' last name." He points.

"I think she'll be okay with Jane Styles." El chuckled.

Jane Styles.


And still, I wasn't used to be called that. It was weird, but in that
good way. I knew someday I would get my last name changed, but I
honestly never knew that I would become a Styles.

Well expect the unexpected is what the people say these days.


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