Destiny of Man

this is a fan-fiction of the game "Destiny" that is coming out late 2014.


1. The Ride Home

we were all sitting in a small ship, maybe about the size of a fighter jet with a small trailer attached to the back, but anyway... it was a very bumpy ride back into the atmosphere. we had just been on mars. I, the hunter of the group, decided to get back to earth and regroup with the president to get a new mission.John, the titan, didn't like the president all that much. He had gotten into a scuffle with him a while back. Anne, the warlock/witch, she is the most quiet person you will ever meet. she had a bad childhood and doesn't like to talk about it so decides to keep her mouth shut. as for myself, i am the leader of the group. i like to think of myself as a very wise leader but if you ask john, he thinks otherwise. as we entered the city the ship got spotted by a group of fallen. the fallen are one of the major races that took over earth after the traveler came. they are a very large race... the have four arms and seem to think of themselves superior to the humans. the fallen had a devil

walker with them. the devil walker saw the ship and shot its heavy Gauss cannon at us. it hit us and took out our left engine while it reloaded and shot again. we all felt the hit and started to get our weapons. but as we stood up we were hit again. the devil walker seemed to have locked on to our descent and was going to shoot us out of the sky. we braced for impact as we hit the wall. we all flew out of our stances and hit the front wall. john was knocked out cold as soon as he hit the the wall. Anne and i were shocked that the devil had that type of range. we heard the fallen outside of the ship and we grabbed our weapons as john just layed there still unconscious on the floor. a fallen dredge peeked its massive head in through the cockpit windshield. Anne had a charge revolver and took it upon herself to sign that we were not food.

she got up and looked the dredge straight in the eye, it screeched and pulled its sidearm out as she stood there. Anne pulled the trigger as the dredge tried to aim towards her. she looked at me and nodded, we found john's helmet and put it on him just in case that he woke back up. i carried his LMG and Anne put his sidearm on his waist.

we picked him up and carried him out of the front of the ship and right over the dredge's lifeless body. john was surprisingly light for such a big guy. it also could have been the adrenaline running through me, that's what i like about this job. we were walking towards the wall as a friendly ship flew over us. the ship drew back around and landed on the island across the water about 100 yards to the left. an average sized figure came out from the back of the ship and brought some sort of binoculars to his eyes. as soon as he realized we had a problem, he waved and took his binoculars into the ship. he came back out with a backpack and something else that seemed like two knives put end to end. he was running through the river as a fallen captain ran into him and tackled him to the ground. we dropped john who immediately woke and stood up swaying slightly. the captain had already killed the pilot of the ship and the man who tried saving us, we knew we had to deal with some major power now, so i took out my long rifle, aimed down the sight at the captain who was busy examining the ship, pulled the trigger and watched as the captain fell to the ground and rolled into the river.

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