The Bet

"$50 says you can't kiss her before homecoming," Niall's words changed everything. Nyah Parker - a girl trapped in a world where no one understands her. She's kind of an outcast at school, she has one friend, Jamie, who doesn't really understand. She knows not to ever fall in love or ever trust anyone.
Harry Styles, star quarterback, super popular, total hottie, makes a bet that he can kiss Nyah before homecoming. It's just a kiss. Nothing big. Everything changes when Harry starts to develop real feelings for Nyah.


1. Try Me. *Harry's P.O.V.*

My eyes traveled down the multiple circular tables to where Niall shouted my name. "Harry!" He yelled, pointing to the empty seat across from him. I shuffled down the brown tile floor and took a seat. "Do you know if Eleanor is single?" He asked, nodding towards the table of cheerleaders behind us.

"Let's find out." I smirked, turning around and poking Eleanor's shoulder, ignoring Niall's pleas not to. Eleanor spun around quickly, her eyes twinkled when she saw it was me. She giggled a bit then angled her chair towards us.

"Hey, Harry." She winked, playing with the ends of her curly brown hair. I looked back at Niall and bobbed my head towards Eleanor. He shook his head no and took a bite of his pizza. I sighed and turned back to Eleanor.

"Niall has a question for you." I told her, flipping my hair and kicking Niall in the shin under the table. Eleanor fixed her gaze on Niall and gave him an impatient look. She wanted to talk to me more. She's my ex girlfriend from a couple months ago. She's still upset from our breakup. She cheated on me, what was I supposed to do?

I didn't even hear Niall say anything but Eleanor flipped him off and went back to boring into my eyes. "Since we're on the topic, still single, Harry?" She asked me, leaning over the chair a bit. I rolled my eyes and nodded. She knew I was single she just liked to ask if i missed her every chance she got.

"I'm always here, babe." She messed with my hair and smiled. I moved her hand off me and turned back around. She would never leave me alone. It scares me that one day, I'll find a girl and she'll scare her away.

Zayn - my friend sitting beside me - laughed and shook his head. "Why don't you just get back with her?" Does he want the truth or what he wants to hear? Well ...

"She's so desperate and it's annoying. I want some girl to make me fight for her. There is no hope at this school." I told him, looking around at the tons of girls that would shove themselves in my pants any second. This school is bullcrap.

"What are you saying? All these girls are pushing themselves at you?" Niall raised an eyebrow, finishing his pizza. I nodded my head and shrugged. "I could have any girl at this school in my arms this second." I laughed.

"Oh really? Any girl?" Niall smirked, scoping around the cafeteria. I shrugged and leaned back in my chair. "Try me." I challenged.

"Nyah Parker." He smirked, "I bet $50 you can't kiss her - and her kiss you back - before homecoming." Niall smiled, glancing over his shoulder towards Nyah. She sat in the back corner with her bestfriend, Jamie, and some other boy.

Nyah had long - dyed - black hair and light blue eyes. Her skin was pale and she had a nice looking body. She had her feet kicked up on the table and was laughing at the boy. Jamie moved and started kissing the boy and I could tell Nyah got uncomfortable. She got up from the table and just left.

"Go ask her out." Niall nodded in her direction as the door shut. "No way." I shook my head, getting up to throw away my trash. "Do it now while she's alone." Niall followed me to the trashcans and pushed me towards the door. "Fine." I sighed, walking out the door to where Nyah left.

I followed her to her locker and watched her get out her books. "What do you want?" She asked, not making eye contact. I waited for her to look over at me and smiled at her.

"What are you doing tonight?" I asked, trying not to look nervous as hell. "Why do you care?" She asked, brushing past me and walking towards her next class. "Maybe we could do something?" I asked, following her. The bell still hadn't rang so I don't know why she wouldn't stop.

She smirked a bit and laughed. "Is this a joke?" I have to admit, it was a bit hurtful how she spat the words out. "It's not a joke." I shook my head, smiling a bit. "You seriously want to hang out." She confirmed, maybe if she said the words and believed them, she'd agree. "Yes." I answered, frankly.

"Fine. What are we doing?" She asked, letting me walk next to her. "Whatever you want." I smiled, stopping in front of her next class. She shrugged and bit her lip. "Surprise me." She wrote down her number and gave me the piece of paper.

The bell rang and she left into her classroom. I walked back to my locker smiling. I was going to win this and it would be so easy. I had her right where I wanted her.

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