♥ I See All My Dreams Die ♥ *On Hold*

This is dedicated to my late mare Black Rose. I'll never forget you, Rose. I love you with all of my heart. You were always there for me, despite your horrible past, and for that I love you more than I can express with mere words. ♥ When Ellie starts at her new school, her only friend is her mare, Dream. On the first day, she catches the attention of a young male teacher. Ellie knows it's wrong, but she starts to like the man who is so talented...


1. ♥ I See All My Dreams Die ♥

 I watch silently as my beloved horse is lowered down. A hot, salty tear escapes my eye and slides down my face. My beautiful girl. They move the digger closer. I lower the flower and give her one last kiss before walking away.

 Remembering her face makes my heart clench with sadness. I imagine her body. The mahogany coat and black points. More tears rolling down my frozen cheeks. When I got to the house people told me they understand they feel my pain.

 How could they understand my pain when I was the one that caused me to loose her?

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