♥ I See All My Dreams Die ♥ *On Hold*

This is dedicated to my late mare Black Rose. I'll never forget you, Rose. I love you with all of my heart. You were always there for me, despite your horrible past, and for that I love you more than I can express with mere words. ♥ When Ellie starts at her new school, her only friend is her mare, Dream. On the first day, she catches the attention of a young male teacher. Ellie knows it's wrong, but she starts to like the man who is so talented...


5. 4:


It's been better than the first day at my old school. I've actually made friends this time. Alan keeps talking to me, but I try to ignore him. I have music with him and Frankie.

 "What can you play?" I ask Frankie.

 "I'm really good at piano," she boasts. "You?"

 "I can play a little piano. Just a little." She sits at one of the keyboards and hammers the tune to

Streets Of London. Every once in a while, she messes up, but doesn't seem to notice. I wince each time she presses a key; it's so loud.

 "Frankie, be lighter on the keys." The voice makes me jump and I spin around to see a young male teacher by the door. "Hello, I'm Mr Tracy."

 "Oh, I'm Ellie."

 "Can you play anything?"

 "I had about five lessons in piano, but I'm really bad," I admit, looking at the ground.

 "Sit up here and flick through the book to see if you can play any of those tunes." I hop onto the chair and look at each page. Finally, I stop at Super Trouper by Abba. "I'll get you the letter-" I cut him off by beginning to play, my fingers flying over the keys.

 I finish and look at him. He has a broad smile on his handsome face. "That was good. How long were your lessons?"

 "Fifteen minutes. I had them during school." He runs a hand through his messy brown hair and smiles again. I only notice now that he has bright green eyes.

 The intercom comes to life, telling us that we have to go to the canteen. I sigh, getting up from my seat; music is definitely my favourite class so far.

 Mr Tracy comes with us to the canteen, walking over to the other teachers as soon as we get there. Frankie pulls me over to the back where Jack, his friends and a load of girls are sitting. "Isn't Mr Tracy hot? He's only eighteen. He's a student teacher."

 "Yeah. How long is he here for?"

 "The rest of the year. Maybe next year is they can't find a good replacement. He's so amazingly hot," she gushes, twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

 Jack clears his throat. "But not as hot as you," she smiles, pressing her lips to his. I look away, a small smile tugging at the sides of my mouth. Alan sits beside me, brushing his hand off mine. I tug my hand away immediately.

 "Okay, students, listen up..." I block out the principal's voice and begin to talk to Frankie. All the while, I steal glances at the music teacher.

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